Companies That Microsoft Owns

 Companies that Microsoft and Bill Gates Own..

What's in a Name? If you know Microsoft, then you already know just how powerful a Name is. Especially when it is a Company Name, and Microsoft has become a household name and a major part of your life, since if you own a computer, a cell phone, an Ipad, a Reader.... Then you have Microsoft Software installed in it, and therefore are contributing to the brand of Microsoft and are helping them get rich. And as well you should, because anyone or any company that makes your  life better, easier, more fun, and even helps you to become more knowledgeable, then you have to help them eat. Because even in the Bible it says do not cover the mouth of the Ox as it is treading, in other words if a being is doing its job, working for  you and helping you, then you should not stop it from eating. And so when you buy any type of computer electronics that has Microsoft Software installed, then you are allowing Microsoft Engineers and other Employees along with Bill Gates to eat. And you have been doing a great job my friend in feeding Microsoft financially, because the monies you have been paying it for a job well done, it has not just taken it and ran with it, or went out and bought new cars or take a vacation, instead the Microsoft Corporation has been using a lot of the monies it has received to buy up as many Companies as possible that complement its business agenda. And by doing all these transactions, or mergers, or acquisitions, Microsoft has been able to provide you with better services, faster operating systems, better performing products. All to make your life easier, better, faster and more convenient. And you deserve it all my Friend, since life is already full of potholes that are there to trip you up and make your life miserable. And Microsoft deserves it also, since Bill Gates along with his friend had the courage to get out there and not be afraid to take risks in introducing to the world a great operating software to help them communicate better and faster. So with all that said, Here Is A List Of Companies That Microsoft Owns, and maybe you can take a page out of their book and see how to grow your Business the right ways with all the monies that are coming in. Because Re-investing dividends along with new monies are the keys to lasting success and staying on top forever. Your Certified Business Coach, James Dazouloute

NumberDateCompanyBusinessCountryValue (USD)References
1July 30, 1987ForethoughtComputer software United States14,000,000[19]
2March 31, 1991Consumers SoftwareSoftware Canada20,500,000[20]
3June 29, 1992Fox SoftwarePC database software United States174,800,000[21]
4February 28, 1994SoftimageWholesale 3-D visualization software Canada139,000,000[22]
5September 27, 1994Altamira SoftwareSoftware United States[23]
6November 1, 1994NextBaseSoftware United States[24]
7November 15, 1994One Tree SoftwareSoftware United States[25]
8February 23, 1995RenderMorphics3D graphics hardware United States[26]
9July 10, 1995Network ManagersSystems design United Kingdom[27]
10October 17, 1995Blue Ribbon SoundworksSoftware United States[28]
11November 6, 1995NetwiseComputer software United States[29]
12December 12, 1995Bruce Artwick OrganizationProgramming United States[30]
13January 16, 1996Vermeer TechnologiesSoftware United States[31]
14March 6, 1996VGA-Animation Software Div[note 1]Software Germany[32]
15March 12, 1996Colusa SoftwareSoftware United States[33]
16April 16, 1996ExosVideo game controllers United States[34]
17April 23, 1996Aspect Software EngineeringComputer software United States14,150,000[35]
18June 11, 1996eShopSoftware United States[36]
19June 17, 1996Electric GravityElectronic games United States[37]
20November 1, 1996Panorama Software Sys-On-Line[note 2]Software Canada[38]
21February 3, 1997NetCartaInternet software United States20,000,000[39]
22March 3, 1997InterseInternet software United States[40]
23April 30, 1997WebTV NetworksInternet service provider United States425,000,000[41]
24May 7, 1997Dimension XJava-based platforms United States[42]
25June 13, 1997Cooper & PetersProgramming United States[43]
26June 30, 1997LinkAge SoftwareInternet software development Canada[44]
27August 5, 1997VXtremeInternet video software United States[45]
28December 31, 1997HotmailInternet software United States500,000,000[46]
29February 23, 1998Flash CommunicationsEnterprise instant messaging software United States[47]
30April 15, 1998FireflyRelationship management software United States40,000,000[49]
31April 28, 1998MESA GroupData sharing software United States[50]
32August 25, 1998Valence ResearchInternet software United States[51]
33November 6, 1998LinkExchangeInternet advertising network United States265,000,000[52]
34January 11, 1999FASA InteractiveComputer game software United States[53]
35March 4, 1999CompareNetShopping online United States[54]
36March 26, 1999Numinous TechnologiesSoftware United States[55]
37April 27, 1999Interactive Objects-DigitalWeb music software United States[56]
38April 30, 1999Jump NetworksInternet service provider United States[57]
39June 7, 1999ShadowFactor SoftwareWholesale computer software United States[58]
40June 15, 1999OmnibrowseInternet software United States[59]
41June 28, 1999IntrinsaDefect detection software United States58,900,000[60]
42July 1, 1999SenditApplication software Sweden125,420,000[61]
43July 7, 1999ZoomitEncryption software Canada[62]
44July 21, 1999STNCCommunity software United Kingdom[63]
45September 19, 1999Softway SystemsComputer programming United States[64]
46October 29, 1999EntropicSoftware United States[65]
47January 7, 2000Visio CorporationWholesale drawing software United States1,375,000,000[66]
48February 29, 2000Peach NetworksDigital TV services Israel[67]
49March 17, 2000TravelscapeInternet service provider United States89,750,000[68]
50April 12, 2000Titus CommunicationsCable television United States944,800,000[69]
51June 19, 2000Bungie SoftwareComputer software United States[70]
52July 12, 2000NetGamesSoftware United States[71]
53September 13, 2000MongoMusicOnline music search engine United States65,000,000[72]
54September 27, 2000Pacific MicrosonicsDigital audio technology United States[73]
55March 17, 2001VacationspotInternet service provider United States70,850,000[74]
56April 5, 2001Great Plains SoftwareBusiness management software United States939,884,000[75]
57May 2, 2001Intellisol InternationalSoftware Canada[76]
58May 31, 2001NCompass LabsInternet software Canada36,000,000[77]
59June 21, 2001Maximal Innovative IntelligenceSoftware Israel20,000,000[78]
60July 1, 2001YupiOnline Spanish Portal United States[79]
61March 11, 2002Classic Custom VacationsTravel agency United States78,000,000[80]
62May 22, 2002Sales Management SystemsSoftware United States[81]
63July 12, 2002NavisionSoftware programming Denmark1,330,000,000[82]
64July 29, 2002MobilocityComputer consulting United States[83]
65September 10, 2002XDegreesSecurity software United States[84]
66September 24, 2002RareSoftware and video games United Kingdom375,000,000[85]
67December 13, 2002VicinityOnline enterprise location United States95,849,000[86]
68February 25, 2003ConnectixSoftware United States[87]
69March 3, 2003DCGInternet software Australia[88]
70April 30, 2003PlaceWareWeb conferencing United States200,000,000[89]
71May 27, 2003G.A. SullivanInformation technology United States[90]
72June 10, 2003GeCAD SoftwareAntivirus technology Romania[91]
73August 29, 20033DO Co-High Heat BaseballSoftware United States450,000[92]
74April 22, 2004Encore Bus Solutions-IP AstsIP assets United States[93]
75April 26, 2004ActiveViewsReporting systems United States[94]
76July 16, 2004Lookout SoftwarePersonal search tool United States[95]
77December 16, 2004GIANT Company SoftwareAnti-spyware United States[96]
78March 2, 2005en'tegrateSoftware United States[97]
79April 9, 2005Groove NetworksCommunity software United States[98]
80May 11, 2005MessageCastMessaging United States7,000,000[99]
81May 31, 2005Tsinghua-Shenxun-Cert AstsCertain assets China15,000,000[100]
82June 21, 2005Sybari SoftwareSoftware United States[101]
83August 29, 2005TeleoVoIP United States[102]
84August 31, 2005FrontBridge TechnologiesEmail protection United States[103]
85September 19, 2005AlacrisCertificate management software United States[104]
86November 3, 2005media-streams.comSoftware  Switzerland[105]
87November 17, 20055th FingerMobile Australia3,153,000[106]
88January 19, 2006UMT-Software and IP AssetsSoftware United States[107]
89February 13, 2006MotionBridgeSearch France17,858,000[108]
90February 13, 2006Seadragon SoftwareSoftware United States[109]
91March 7, 2006ApptimumSoftware United States[110]
92March 7, 2006OnfolioInternet software United States[111]
93April 6, 2006Lionhead StudiosVideo games United Kingdom[112]
94April 26, 2006AssetMetrixEnterprise software Canada[113]
95May 4, 2006Massive IncorporatedVideo game advertising United States[114]
96May 4, 2006VexcelMapping software United States[115]
97May 15, 2006DeepMetrixWeb log analysis United States[116]
98June 6, 2006ProClarityAnalysis software United States[117]
99June 27, 2006iView MultimediaDigital asset management United Kingdom[118]
100July 17, 2006Softricityapplication virtualization software United States[119]
101July 18, 2006Winternals SoftwareSoftware United States[120]
102July 26, 2006Whale CommunicationsApplications Israel[121]
103September 26, 2006GtekoApplications Israel[122]
104October 2, 2006DesktopStandardApplications United States[123]
105October 12, 2006ColloquisNatural language software United States[124]
106March 9, 2007MedstoryInternet search engine United States[125]
107March 26, 2007devBiz Business SolutionsSoftware tools United States[126]
108May 3, 2007ScreenTonicAdvertising and marketing France[127]
109May 3, 2007Tellme NetworksMobile phone software United States[128]
110May 9, 2007SoftArtisansBusiness Intelligence software United States[129]
111June 4, 2007EngyroInformation technology United States[130]
112June 7, 2007StratatureMaster Data Management United States[131]
113June 29, 2007Savvis Inc-Data CentersNetworking United States200,000,000[132]
114August 13, 2007AdECNAd Exchange United States[133]
115August 13, 2007aQuantiveDigital marketing United States6,333,000,000[134]
116October 2, 2007Jellyfish.comSearch engine United States[135]
117October 5, 2007ParlanoEnterprise messaging software United States[136]
118October 29, 2007Global Care Solutions-AssetsAssets Thailand[137]
119November 1, 2007HOB Business SolutionsInformation technology Denmark[138]
120November 15, 2007MusiwaveMobile music entertainment France[139]
121December 12, 2007Multimap.comMapping United Kingdom[140]
122January 22, 2008Calista TechnologiesSoftware United States[141]
123February 7, 2008Caligari CorporationSoftware United States[142]
124February 27, 2008YaDataSoftware Israel[143]
125March 14, 2008RaptAdvertising yield management software United States[144]
126March 19, 2008KomokuRootkit security software United States5,000,000[145]
127March 31, 200890 Degree SoftwareBusiness intelligence software Canada[146]
128April 14, 2008FarecastOnline search software United States75,000,000[147]
129April 15, 2008DangerMobile Internet software United States500,000,000[148]
130April 25, 2008Fast Search & TransferEnterprise search[clarification needed] Norway1,191,000,000[149]
131May 26, 2008KidaroSoftware United States[150]
132June 4, 2008QuadreonSoftware Belgium[151]
133June 18, 2008Navic NetworksManagement software United States[152]
134June 26, 2008MobicompMobile applications Portugal[153]
135August 11, 2008PowersetSemantic Search United States[154]
136September 16, 2008DATAllegroData software United States[155]
137September 28, 2008Greenfield OnlineSearch and e-commerce services United States486,000,000[156]
138March 1, 20093DV SystemsDeveloper of ZCam, a time-of-flight camera Israel35,000,000[157]
139May 7, 2009BigParkInteractive online gaming Canada[158]
140June 1, 2009Rosetta BiosoftwareBioinformatics solutions for life science research United States[159]
141September 22, 2009Interactive SupercomputingSoftware United States[160]
142December 10, 2009Opalis SoftwareSoftware Canada[161]
143December 10, 2009Sentillion, Inc.Identity and Access Management Software for Healthcare United States[162]
144October 6, 2010AVIcode, Inc..Net monitoring technology United States[163]
145October 29, 2010Canesta, Inc.3-D sensing technology United States[164]
146May 10, 2011Skype TechnologiesTelecommunications Luxembourg8,500,000,000[165]
147June 7, 2011ProdianceSoftware United States[166][167]
148November 22, 2011VideosurfVideo search United States100,000,000[168]
149June 25, 2012YammerSocial networking United States1,200,000,000[170]
150July 9, 2012Perceptive PixelMulti touch hardware United States[171]
151October 4, 2012PhoneFactorTwo-factor authentication system United States[172]
152October 16, 2012StorSimpleCloud-storage appliance vendor United States[173]
153October 17, 2012MarketingPilotMarketing automation firm United States[174]
154January 3, 2013id8 Group R2 StudiosHome automation United States[175]
155March 4, 2013MetricsHubCloud monitoring United States[176]
156March 19, 2013NetbreezeSocial analytics  Switzerland[177]
157June 3, 2013InReleaseRelease management[178]
158September 2, 2013Nokia mobile phones unitMobile phonessmartphones Finland7,200,000,000[179]
159October 12, 2013HLW SoftwareRDP applications Austria[180]
160October 25, 2013ApiphanyAPI management United States[181]
161January 7, 2014ParatureCustomer service software United States100,000,000[182]
162May 1, 2014GreenButtonCloud computing New Zealand[183]
163May 1, 2014Capptain(Mobile) application development France[184]
164July 2, 2014SyntaxTreeDeveloper tools France[185]


DateCompanyBusinessCountryValue (USD)References
June 15, 1989Santa Cruz Operation[note 3]Wholesale computer software United States[186]
March 18, 1991Dorling Kindersley[note 4]Reference books United Kingdom14,340,000[187]
June 21, 1994Stac ElectronicsData compression software United States39,900,000[188]
January 19, 1995UUNetInternet service provider United States[189]
May 30, 1995Wang LaboratoriesSoftware consulting United States90,000,000[190]
October 12, 1995IndividualOn-line information retrieval United States[191]
April 1, 1996Mobile Telecom Technologies[note 5]Cellular telephones United States25,000,000[192]
April 22, 1996Helicon PublishingElectronic books United States[193]
September 9, 1996SingleTracSoftware United States[194]
October 1, 1996WebTV NetworksInternet service provider United States[195]
October 28, 1996VDOnetInternet services United States[196]
February 3, 1997CMGI[note 6]Direct mail United States20,000,000[197]
February 18, 1997Digital AnvilComputer game software United States[198]
March 3, 1997InterseInternet software United States[199]
June 30, 1997Comcast[note 7]Cable television United States1,000,000,000[200]
August 6, 1997Apple Computer[note 8]Personal computers United States150,000,000[201]
August 19, 1997Progressive Networks[note 9]Internet software United States30,000,000[202]
September 11, 1997Lernout & Hauspie Speech[note 10]Multilingual software Belgium45,000,000[203]
September 23, 1997E-Stamp[note 11]Internet software United States[204]
March 4, 1998General MagicCommunity software United States6,000,000[205]
March 6, 1998WavePhore[note 12]Radio and television equipment United States[206]
June 18, 1998Pluto TechnologiesNetwork and storage United States[207]
December 14, 1998Qwest Communications[note 13]Telecommunications United States200,000,000[208]
January 6, 1999SkyTel Communications[note 14]Cellular telephones United States[209]
January 31, 1999United Pan-Europe Comm NV[note 15]Broadband communities Netherlands300,000,000[210]
February 1, 1999NTL[note 16]Communications United Kingdom500,000,000[211]
February 2, 1999Banyan[note 17]Software United States10,000,000[212]
March 2, 1999DialogicComputer telephony United States24,200,000[213]
March 8, 1999ReciprocalCopyright protection United States[214]
April 1, 1999TV Cabo Portugal SACable television Portugal38,600,000[215]
April 10, 1999Lernout & Hauspie SpeechMultilingual software Belgium15,000,000[216]
June 8, 1999InpriseComputer software United States125,000,000[217]
June 8, 1999NaviSite[note 18]Internet service provider United States[218]
June 19, 1999AT&T Inc.[note 19]Telecommunications United States5,000,000,000[219]
June 22, 1999Concentric NetworkIP-based networks United States50,000,000[220]
July 5, 1999WebMDWeb-based health information United States250,000,000[221]
August 20, 1999Tuttle Decision SystemsMortgage pricing information United States[222]
August 25, 1999Rogers CommunicationsRadio and television stations Canada405,120,000[223]
December 3, 1999Korea Thrunet[note 20]Internet service provider South Korea36,000,000[224]
December 28, 1999Globo Cabo[note 21]Cable television Brazil126,000,000[225]
December 30, 1999Commtouch Software[note 22]Community security software Israel20,000,000[226]
December 31, 1999Gigamedia[note 23]Internet service provider Taiwan31,470,000[227]
January 24, 2000IntertainerInteractive systems United States56,000,000[228]
January 24, 2000VerticalNet[note 24]Management solutions United States100,000,000[229]
February 23, 2000BroadBand OfficeCommunication United States25,000,000[230]
March 2, 2000Ecoss[note 25]Computer programming Japan46,000[231]
March 13, 2000RealNames[note 26]Internet navigation United States[232]
March 14, 2000MEASAT Broadcast Network[note 27]Television broadcasting Malaysia100,000,000[233]
April 14, 2000Best BuyRetail stores United States200,000,000[234]
July 7, 2000Telewest Communications[note 28]Cable television United States2,263,000,000[235]
July 13, 2000Blixer NetOnline telecommunications Italy[236]
August 4, 2000CAIS InternetInternet access United States40,000,000[237]
October 2, 2000Corel Corporation[note 29]Software Canada89,370,000[238]
November 29, 2000Chyron Corporation[note 30]Digital graphics United States6,000,000[239]
February 12, 2001Audible.comOnline audio retail United States10,000,000[240]
July 23, 2001Sendo[note 31]Mobile handset United Kingdom[241]
February 14, 2002USA Networks[note 32]Television stations United States[242]
November 3, 2005ByteTaxiSoftware United States[243]
October 24, 2007Facebook[note 33]Social network United States260,000,000[244]
April 8, 2008OKWave[note 34]On-line community site Japan2,515,000[245]
June 12, 2008Zignals[note 35]Online trading Ireland[246]
April 7, 2011Toyota Media Service Corp[note 36]Web marketing services Japan[247]
February 7, 201224/7[note 37]Outsourcing and call center services United States[248]
April 30, 2012Barnes & Noble[note 38]Book retailer United States605,000,000[249]


DateAcquirerTarget companyTarget businessAcquirer countryValue (USD)References
March 31, 1989Steven BallmerMicrosoft[note 39]Wholesale computer software United States46,200,000[250]
June 17, 1992MicrosoftMicrosoft[note 40]Wholesale computer software United States63,750,000[251]
July 6, 1994MicrosoftMicrosoft[note 41]Wholesale computer software United States348,000,000[252]
December 22, 1994TCI Technology VenturesMSN[note 42]Internet service provider United States125,000,000[253]
November 15, 1996MicrosoftMSN[note 43]Internet service provider United States125,000,000[254]
December 19, 1996ProginetTransAccessSoftware United States1,740,000[255]
August 3, 1998Avid TechnologySoftimage3-D visualization software Canada284,295,000[256]
September 21, 1999Ticketmaster Online-CitySearchMSN SidewalkInternet city guide United States340,000,000[257]
February 24, 2000Electronic ArtsDreamWorks InteractiveComputer programs United States[258]
August 10, 2000Envoy CommunicationsSage Information ConsultantsConsulting Canada23,730,000[259]
September 1, 2000Jupiter TelecommunicationsTitus CommunicationsCable television Japan[260]
December 31, 2000Technology Crossover VenturesExpedia, Inc.[note 44]Online travel United States50,000,000[261]
June 26, 2001CNBCMSN MoneyCentralFinancial information United States[262]
February 5, 2002USA NetworksExpedia, Inc.Online travel United States1,372,000,000[263]
July 26, 2002Liberty MediaChofu CATVCable television Japan16,000,000[264]
August 12, 2002Agency.comKPE Inc-Certain Assets United States[265]
February 22, 2003The Reynolds and Reynolds CompanyMSN Autos-Dealerpoint BusinessOnline auto retail United States[266]
October 31, 2003Perri CroshawHWW Ltd-Women's Money MagazineMagazines Australia[267]
November 4, 2003Northgate Information SolutionsPWA GroupSoftware United Kingdom7,052,000[268]
January 14, 2005The Washington Post CompanySlateOnline magazine United States[269]
February 28, 2005Ubisoft EntertainmentMicrosoft Game-Sports GamesSports games United States[270]
August 17, 2006MicrosoftMicrosoft[note 45]Wholesale computer software United States20,000,000,000[271]
May 11, 2007MacDonald DettwilerVexcel CanadaMapping software United States[272]
September 22, 2008MicrosoftMicrosoft[note 46]Wholesale computer software United States36,200,000,000[273]
May 25, 2010Phase OneExpression MediaDigital media asset management software Denmark[274]
October 16, 2011Orion Health Asia Pacific of New ZealandMicrosoft-HIS Software (Hospital Information System Software)Hospital Information Systems New Zealand[275]
March 19, SACiao GmbHProvider of online shopping services France[276


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