Companies that Google Owns

 Companies that Google owns - Will You be next...

Google is the largest Internet Search Engine company on the World Wide Web, but now it is trying its best to become the largest company Worldwide with its many acquisitions of smaller companies. And ever since 2001, Google has done a very smart thing that You as a Business Owner should definitely learn from. Because Google did not just make a bunch of money off the many Ads it sells and just go on vacation or break up the company and everybody go home rich, instead Lawrence E. Page and Eric E Schmidt took the monies they made and use them to make even more monies. And so they started investing in other companies that offer services parallel to their Online services, but in different areas, and they use them to keep on becoming an even bigger and much richer company. And this is why You must learn from Google Inc. because as you start with just one business and it starts to make you money, you then use it as a launch pad to grow into bigger businesses. I remember back when I had started as a Real Estate Investor, soon as I started making some money, I quickly used that to get into the used car resale business, and then into limos, and then airplanes etc.. So this is why you have to love, respect and appreciate Google for their geniuses, for the great ways they conduct business. Because they are out there buying up just about every company they can get their hands on that are inline with their business goals and services. And the great thing I love about Google also, is that when they buy up a new company like Blogger, they don't come in with Hostile Takeover mentality and begin to make Corporate changes right away. Instead they take the attitude that if it ain't broken don't try to fix it. So they let the business do what they do best, while slowly integrating their own plans alongside theirs. And that makes for a successful merger. So Learn From That Business Owner. Don't be a financial bully just because you have money, instead let people do what they do best and they will make you even richer than in your wildest dreams. And so this is what Blogger has done for Google, what YouTube has done for them, what Motorola Mobility has done for them, what Deja, Outride, Pyra Labs, Neotonic Software along with many others that you will see on this compiled list. Just so you too can become a great business owner just like Google has. Your Certified Business Coach, James Dazouloute

 List of companies that Google Owns... SEE

NumberAcquisition dateCompanyBusinessCountryPriceUsed as or integrated withRef(s).
1February 12, 2001DejaUsenet USA —Google Groups[7]
2September 20, 2001OutrideWeb search engine USA —Google Personalized Search[8]
3February 2003Pyra LabsWeblog software USABlogger[9]
4April 2003Neotonic SoftwareCustomer relationship management USAGoogle GroupsGmail[10]
5April 2003Applied SemanticsOnline advertising USA$102,000,000AdSenseAdWords[11]
6September 30, 2003KaltixWeb search engine USAiGoogle[12]
7October 2003SprinksOnline advertising USAAdSenseAdWords[13]
8October 2003Genius LabsBlogging USABlogger[14]
9May 10, 2004Ignite LogicHTML editor USAGoogle Sites[15]
10July 13, 2004PicasaImage organizer USAPicasaBlogger[16]
11September 2004ZipDashTraffic analysis USAGoogle Maps[17]
12October 2004Where2Map analysis AUSGoogle Maps[18]
13October 27, 2004Keyhole, IncMap analysis USAGoogle MapsGoogle Earth[19]
14March 28, 2005Urchin Software CorporationWeb analytics USAGoogle Analytics[20]
15May 12, 2005DodgeballSocial networking service USAGoogle Latitude[21]
16July 19, 2005Akwan Information TechnologiesSearch engines BRAInternet backbone[22]
17July 2005ReqwirelessMobile browser CANGoogle Mobile[23]
18July 7, 2005Current Communications GroupBroadband Internet access USA$100,000,000Internet backbone[24]
19August 17, 2005AndroidMobile software USA$50,000,000Android[25][26]
20November 2005SkiaGraphics software USAAndroidGoogle Chrome[27]
21December 27, 2005PhatbitsWidget engine USAGoogle Desktop[28]
22December 31, 2005allPAY GmbHMobile software GERGoogle Mobile[29]
23December 31, 2005bruNET GmbHMobile software GERGoogle Mobile[29]
24January 17, 2006dMarc BroadcastingAdvertising USA$102,000,000AdSense[30]
25February 14, 2006Measure MapWeblog software USAGoogle Analytics[31]
26March 9, 2006UpstartleWord processor USAGoogle Docs[32]
27March 14, 2006@Last Software3D modeling software USAGoogle Sketchup[33]
28April 9, 2006OrionWeb search engine AUSGoogle Search[34]
29June 1, 20062Web TechnologiesOnline spreadsheets USAGoogle Spreadsheet[35][36]
30August 15, 2006Neven Vision Germany GmbHComputer vision GERPicasaGoogle Goggles[37]
31October 9, 2006YouTubeVideo sharing USA$1,650,000,000YouTube[38][39]
32October 31, 2006JotSpotWeb application USAGoogle Sites[40]
33December 18, 2006EndoxonMapping  CHE$28,000,000Google Maps[41]
34February 16, 2007AdscapeIn-game advertising USA$23,000,000AdSense[42]
35March 16, 2007TrendalyzerStatistical software SWEGoogle Analytics[43]
36April 17, 2007Tonic SystemsPresentation program USAGoogle Docs[44]
37April 19, 2007MarratechVideoconferencing SWE$15,000,000Google TalkGoogle Hangouts[45]
38April 13, 2007DoubleClickOnline advertising USA$3,100,000,000AdSense[46][47][48]
39May 11, 2007GreenBorderComputer security USAGoogle Chrome[49]
40June 1, 2007PanoramioPhoto sharing ESPPanoramio[50]
41June 3, 2007FeedBurnerWeb feed USA$100,000,000FeedBurner[51]
42June 5, 2007PeakStreamParallel processing USAAndroid[52]
43June 19, 2007ZenterPresentation program USAGoogle Docs[53]
44July 2, 2007GrandCentralVoice over IP USA$45,000,000Google Voice[54][55]
45July 20, 2007ImageAmericaAerial photography USAGoogle Maps[56]
46July 9, 2007PostiniCommunications security USA$625,000,000Gmail[57]
47September 27, 2007ZingkuSocial networking service USAGoogle Mobile[58]
48October 9, 2007JaikuMicroblogging FINGoogle Mobile[59]
49July 30, 2008OmnisioOnline video USA$15,000,000YouTube[60]
50September 12, 2008TNCWeblog software KORBlogger[61]
51August 5, 2009On2Video compression USA$133,000,000WebMYouTube[62]
52September 16, 2009reCAPTCHASecurity USAGoogle Books[63]
53November 9, 2009AdMobMobile advertising USA$750,000,000DoubleClickInvite Media[64]
54November 9, 2009Gizmo5Voice over IP USA$30,000,000Google TalkGoogle Hangouts[65]
55November 23, 2009TeracentOnline advertising USAAdSense[66]
56December 4, 2009AppJetCollaborative real-time editor USAGoogle WaveGoogle Docs[67]
57February 12, 2010AardvarkSocial search USA$50,000,000Aardvark[68]
58February 17, 2010reMailEmail search USAGmail[69]
59March 1, 2010PicnikPhoto editing USAPicasa[70][71]
60March 5, 2010DocVerseMicrosoft Office files sharing site USA$25,000,000Google Docs[72]
61April 2, 2010EpisodicOnline video platform start-up USAYouTube[73]
62April 12, 2010PlinkArtVisual search engine UKGoogle Goggles[74]
63April 20, 2010AgniluxServer CPUs USAAndroid[75]
64April 27, 2010LabPixiesGadgets ISRiGoogleAndroid[76]
65April 30, 2010BumpTopDesktop environment CAN$30,000,000Android[77]
66May 18, 2010Global IP SolutionsVideo and audiocompression US$68,200,000WebRTC[78]
67May 20, 2010Simplify MediaMusic streaming USAndroid[79]
68May 21, 2010Ruba.comTravel USAGoogle[80]
69June 3, 2010Invite MediaAdvertising USA$81,000,000DoubleClick[81]
70July 1, 2010ITA SoftwareTravel technology USA$676,000,000Google Flights[82]
71July 16, 2010MetawebSemantic search USAGoogle Search[83]
72August 2010ZetawireMobile paymentNFC CANAndroidGoogle Wallet,Google Checkout[84]
73August 4, 2010InstantiationsJava/Eclipse/AJAX developer tools USAGoogle Web Toolkit[85][86]
74August 5, 2010Slide.comSocial gaming USA$228,000,000Google+OrkutGoogle Play[87]
75August 10, 2010JamboolSocial Gold payment USA$70,000,000Google+Orkut[88]
76August 15, 2010Like.comVisual search engine USA$100,000,000Google Offers[89][90]
77August 30, 2010AngstroSocial networking service USAGoogleGoogle Alert[91]
78August 30, 2010SocialDeck, Inc.Social gaming CANGoogleGoogle+[92]
79September 13, 2010QuikseeOnline video ISR$10,000,000Google Maps[93]
80September 28, 2010PlannrSchedule management USAGoogle+[94][95]
81October 1, 2010BlindTypeTouch typing GREAndroid[96][97]
82December 3, 2010Phonetic ArtsSpeech synthesis UKGoogle VoiceGoogle Translate[98]
83December 3, 2010Widevine TechnologiesDRM USAGoogle TV[99]
84January 13, 2011eBook TechnologiesE-book USAGoogle Books[100]
85January 25, 2011SayNowVoice recognition USAGoogle Voice[101]
86January 26, 2011fflickSocial networking service USA$10,000,000YouTube[102][103]
87March 1, 2011ZynamicsSecurity GERGoogle[104][105]
88March 7, 2011BeatThatQuote.comPrice comparison service UK£37,700,000Google Advisor[106][107]
89March 7, 2011Next New NetworksOnline video USAYouTube[108]
90March 16, 2011Green Parrot PicturesDigital video IRLYouTube[109]
91April 8, 2011PushLifeService provider CAN$25,000,000Google[110]
92April 26, 2011TalkBinMobile software USAAndroid[111]
93May 23, 2011SparkbuyProduct search USAGoogle Shopping[112]
94June 3, 2011PostRankSocial media analyticsservice CANGoogle[113]
95June 9, 2011AdmeldOnline advertising USA$400,000,000DoubleClickInvite Media[114][115]
96June 18, 2011SageTVMedia center USAGoogle TVGoogle Fiber[116]
97July 8, 2011PunchdLoyalty program USAGoogle Offers[117][118]
98July 21, 2011FridgeSocial groups USAGoogle+[119]
99July 23, 2011PittPattFacial recognition system USAAndroid[120][121]
100August 1, 2011DealmapOne deal a day service USAGoogle Offers[122]
101August 15, 2011Motorola MobilityMobile device manufacturer USA$12,500,000,000AndroidGoogle TVPatent portfolio[123]
102September 7, 2011Zave NetworksDigital coupons USAGoogle Offers[124]
103September 8, 2011ZagatRestaurant reviews USA$151,000,000Google PlacesGoogle Maps[125][126][127]
104September 19, 2011DailyDealOne deal a day service GER$114,000,000Google Offers[128]
105October 11, 2011SocialGrappleSocial media analytics service CANGoogle+[129]
106November 10, 2011AptureInstantaneous search USAGoogle Search[130]
107November 14, 2011KatangoSocial circle organization USAGoogle+[131]
108December 9, 2011RightsFlowMusic rights management USAYouTube[132]
109December 13, 2011Clever SenseMobile apps USAAndroid[133]
110March 16, 2012Milk, IncSocial networking service USAGoogle+[134]
111April 2, 2012TxViaOnline Payment USAGoogle WalletGoogle Checkout[135]
112June 4, 2012MeeboInstant Messaging USA$100,000,000Google Hangouts[136]
113June 5, 2012QuickofficeProductivity Suite USAGoogle Docs[137]
114July 20, 2012SparrowMobile apps FRA$25,000,000Gmail[138][139][140]
1152012WIMM LabsAndroid powered smartwatches USAAndroid[141]
116August 1, 2012Wildfire InteractiveSocial media marketing USA$450,000,000GoogleGoogle+[142]
117September 7, 2012VirusTotal.comSecurity ESPGoogle[143][144]
118September 17, 2012Nik Software, Inc.Photography USAGoogleAndroid[145][146][147]
119October 1, 2012ViewdleFacial recognition UKR$45,000,000Android[148][149]
120November 28, 2012Incentive Targeting Inc.Digital coupons USAGoogle Offers[150][151]
121November 30, 2012BufferBoxPackage delivery CAN$17,000,000Google ShoppingAndroid[152][153]
122February 6, 2013Channel IntelligenceProduct ecommerce USA$125,000,000Google Shopping[154]
123March 12, 2013DNNresearch Inc.Deep Neural Networks CANGoogleGoogle X[155]
124March 15, 2013Talaria TechnologiesCloud computing USAGoogle Cloud[156]
125April 12, 2013BehavioSocial Prediction USAGoogle Now[157]
126April 23, 2013WaviiNatural Language Processing USA$30,000,000Google Knowledge Graph[158]
127May 23, 2013Makani PowerAirborne wind turbines USAGoogle X[159]
128June 11, 2013WazeGPS navigation software ISR$966,000,000Google Maps[6]
129September 16, 2013BumpMobile software USAAndroid[160]
130October 2, 2013FlutterGesture recognitiontechnology USA$40,000,000GoogleAndroidGoogle X[161]
131October 22, 2013FlexyCoreDroidBooster App for Android FRA$23,000,000Android[162]
132December 2, 2013SCHAFT, Inc.Roboticshumanoid robots JPNGoogle X[163]
133December 3, 2013Industrial PerceptionRobotic armscomputer vision USAGoogle X[163]
134December 4, 2013Redwood RoboticsRobotic arms USAGoogle X[163]
135December 5, 2013Meka RoboticsRobots USAGoogle X[163]
136December 6, 2013HolomniRobotic wheels USAGoogle X[163]
137December 7, 2013Bot & DollyRobotic cameras USAGoogle X[163]
138December 8, 2013AutofussAds and Design USAGoogle X[163]
139December 10, 2013Boston DynamicsRobotics USAGoogle X[163][164]
140January 4, 2014BitspinTimely App for Android  CHEAndroid[165]
141January 13, 2014Nest Labs, IncHome automation USA$3,200,000,000Google[166][167]
142January 15, 2014ImpermiumInternet security USAGoogle[168]
143January 26, 2014DeepMind TechnologiesArtificial Intelligence UK$650,000,000Google X[169]
144February 16, 2014SlickLoginInternet Security ISRGoogle[170]
145February 21, 2014spider.ioAnti ad-fraud UKDoubleClickAdsense[171]
146March 12, 2014GreenThrottleGadgets USAAndroid[172][173]
147April 14, 2014Titan AerospaceHigh-altitude UAVs USAProject Loon[174][175][176]
148May 2, 2014RangespanE-commerce UKGoogle Shopping[177]
149May 6, 2014AdometryOnline advertising attribution USGoogle[178]
150May 7, 2014AppetasRestaurant website creation USGoogle[179]
151May 7, 2014StackdriverCloud computing USGoogle Cloud[180]
152May 7, 2014MyEnergyOnline Utility Usage Monitor USNest Labs[181]
153May 16, 2014Quest VisualAugmented Reality USCode ProjectGoogle Translate[182]
154May 19, 2014DivideDevice Manager USAndroid[183]
155June 10, 2014Skybox ImagingSatellite US$500,000,000Google MapsProject Loon[184]
156June 19, 2014mDialogOnline advertising CANDoubleClick[185]
157June 19, 2014Alpental TechnologiesWireless Technology USGoogle[186]
158June 20, 2014DropcamHome Monitoring US$555,000,000Nest Labs[187]
159June 25, 2014AppurifyMobile Device Cloud, Testing Services USGoogle Cloud[188]
160July 1, 2014SongzaMusic streaming USGoogle Play[189]



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