Cell Phone Addiction - 13 Signs You Are

 13 Signs you are addicted to Your Cell Phone... SEE Now

Having a Cell Phone can be a lifeline and a life saver, because you can go out anywhere and be able to call anyone for help if you  get into trouble, or you can stay connected all the time with close family members that are thousands of miles away, and having a Cell Phone can help you to run a business anywhere, as well help you to even talk to all the business people like your Lawyers, Accountants, Marketers etc... But You should also know that having a Cell Phone can be detrimental to your health, since the more you use it by keeping it close to your ears, the more you are putting your health at risk because you are breaking down the cells in your body since the word Cellular itself has something to do with cells. But on a daily basis you can be destroying your life by spending so much time on your Cell Phone. And you see this all the time Beloved, where people are walking down the street in the middle of heavy traffic, and crossing streets with cars coming their way and they are on their Cell Phones talking or Texting. So these people are taking their lives into their own hands by not paying attention to their surroundings, because they could also get robbed and not even see it coming. Additionally, you see people who can't go to Church without their Cell Phone, or they can't even go to a meeting or interview for a job without having their Cell Phone in hand. And you see people constantly freaking out just because their Cell Phones just went dead from them overusing it for so long and not re-charging their battery. And so the Cell Phone becomes not only a part of their lives, but "Thee" thing for their life to function, where some women have been known to be on their Cell Phone while having sex, while others have been known to burn themselves in the kitchen while lifting a very hot pot with one hand while a holding their Phone in the other and still trying to talk. So you have to ask yourself Beloved, when will it all end? Well I am afraid to tell you that Cell Phone Addiction will not end, and if anything it will only get worst soon, since companies are now coming out with Cell Phones that can fit in your ear, in your glasses, in your headphone, and pretty soon, they will be imprinting a Chip under your skin that can allow you to make phone call as well as receiving them. But I know that you don't believe me, so this is why today I am sharing with You 13 Signs You Are Addicted To Your Cell Phone. All because sometimes you need to step out of yourself and see what others are doing in their life with the same situations you are facing, and only then will you realize that you need help, that you need to bring about change and that you need to take back control of your life. Your Better Life Advocate, James Dazouloute

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 13 Signs You Are Addicted To Your Cell Phone.. SEE Now..

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