Bee Stings - This Woman Knows The Pain

Bees make honey, that is all you should know, right? Because Honey is the world's great Super Food. And if you were to be cut off from Civilization and there was no food except Honey, then you could just take 4-6 Tablespoons per day. And Scientists say that in Honey you have all the nutrients that your body ever needs, and I mean all the main vitamins, amino acids and such that your body needs, and that you would not die but remain strong for many years. Also, Honey is about the only food in the world that can last forever and never go bad, if you just put in a sealed jar and put it inside your cabinet it will last for a thousand years or more. So again, Bees make Honey, that is all you should know, right? 

But hold on a minute, because every animals is given a defense mechanism by God so it could protect itself and not go extinct before its time. And the Africanized Honey Bees or Killer Bees as we call them here, do carry in their tail a poisonous sting. But with it, it carries also its death, because as soon as a Bee stings you, it also rips out its inside in trying to pull away afterward, and ends up going to its death. Okay that sounds bad, but now imagine if a hundred Bees were to sting you all at once, just how painful would that be. Or if a thousand Africanized Honey Bees were to attack you in trying to defend their nest, their queen and their Honey, what would You Do?

Because that is exactly what happened to a 71 year old woman who got too close to a nest of Bees. Here Is The Rest Of This Story:

A California woman stung more than 1,000 times by a swarm of bees is expected to be okay.

Firefighters say the unidentified 71-year-old woman was a covered in a 'suit of bees' when they arrived on scene, according to KABC.

'The bees, about 75,000 of them, made a hive inside a fiber optic phone line utility box. You can see the honeycomb on the lid. [She] had to be rescued by having a blanket thrown over her head and taken inside by her neighbor.'

At least five firefighters, one Verizon employee, and neighbors were also stung by the bees. The Desert Sun reports the five firefighters were taken to the hospital for their injuries, but are expected to be okay.

Authorities made a reverse 911 call to the area, telling everyone within two miles of the incident to stay indoors and away from the bees.

A Cal Fire Battalion Chief told ABC, this problem with bees seems to be growing. 'In 20 years I've never been on a case like this. In Southern California, we're starting to hear bees are becoming more prevalent in the area.'

The bees are reportedly Africanized bees, or known more commonly as killer bees. As their name suggests, their stings can be fatal.

One insect removal expert told ABC the phone box where the bees were found are supposed to be bee proof and whoever serviced the box last may have improperly secured it.


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