Al Qaeda - Surprising Countries Funding Them

Al Qaeda has been made famous by Osama Bin Laden, although he was only part of one of its main branches, the news media and the world at large all came to associate Al Qaeda with Osama. All the while forgetting that their main headquarter was, and still is in Afghanistan. And so even after Bin Laden's death, the Al Qaeda terrorist organization is stronger than ever, richer than ever and more popular than ever with all the Muslims around the world. Even though many Muslims will tell in your presence that they don't support Al Qaeda, all the while deep down inside they all want to see Islam take over the whole world, run the whole world, subdue the whole world and convert the entire human race to Islam, and so they all believe in Violent Jihad. And that is already taking place all over Europe in countries like France, Germany, Switzerland etc... And at the same time this terror organization is becoming richer by the day as they receive more funding from Saudi Arabia along with Syria, Iraq and other Muslim countries that keep claiming they have nothing to do with Al Qaeda.

But that is not shocking since the whole world was already aware of that, but what is shocking are the latest reports that Al Qaeda has been involved heavily in kidnapping Citizens of many countries, and they have found out that those countries will pay through the nose to have those hostages released. And so Al Qaeda headquarters send out memos to encourage more kidnapping around the world, because this business is good for their reputation, this business is profitable and this business is safe for all their members. And so many European countries that swear to the U.N or the news media that they have nothing to do with Al Qaeda nor will they ever pay any ransom to have their Citizens released from kidnappings, have all done so and continue to bankroll Al Qaeda by using proxy to send them whatever amount of money they want... That Is Shocking! Because the U.S along with most of the West all declare that they do not negotiate with Terrorism nor do they pay Ransom to any terrorist organization. But now you have to wonder if the U.S. along with the West are not dealing with Al Qaeda in favorable way and giving them money as well under the table? So to help you fully understand this debacle, Here Is The Rest Of This Story:

credit: Fox News 

Bankrolling terror? European countries reportedly paying millions in ransoms to Al Qaeda

Aug. 31, 2012: Fighters from the Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group Ansar Dine stand guard in Timbuktu, Mali.AP
Several European nations are bankrolling Al Qaeda by paying the terror group millions of dollars in ransoms over the past several years to free kidnapped citizens, the New York Times reported Tuesday.
The governments, which include France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Germany, all denied to the Times that they had paid the ransoms to the terror organization. However, the Times reported Al Qaeda and its affiliates have earned at least $125 million from ransoms since 2008, a revenue source that counter-terrorism officials say funds most of the group’s recruitment, training activities, and weapons.  
The United States Treasury Department has cited in documents from the same period that the group earned at least $165 million from ransoms. The revenue stream has become so significant, according to the Times, that Al Qaeda’s central command in Pakistan oversees negotiations a continent away, and the group has developed standardized strategies and protocol for kidnappings.   
“Kidnapping hostages is an easy spoil,” a leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula recently wrote, according to the Times, “which I may describe as a profitable trade and a precious treasure.”
The governments reportedly send the funds through proxy networks and sometimes disguise it as aid. According to the Times, the U.S. and Britain do not pay ransoms, along with a few other countries.
However, this can have deadly consequences for American and British citizens, few of whom have escaped captivity alive. In contrast, the majority of citizens of the countries who pay ransoms are released unharmed.

In one instance, the Times reported a 61-year old British man, Edwin Dyer, was kidnapped and executed by Al Qaeda’s North African affiliate after the British government made it clear it would not pay a ransom. Swiss and German captives who were held with Dyer were released after a ransom was paid, the Times said.
Vicki Huddleston, the former United States deputy assistant secretary of defense for African affairs, told the Times that the European countries “have a lot to answer for” over their policy regarding ransoms, saying it was putting citizens of other countries at risk.
 “It’s a completely two-faced policy,” she said. “They pay ransoms, and then deny any was paid. The danger of this is not just that it grows the terrorist movement, but it makes all of our citizens vulnerable.”
However, one European diplomat told the Times that though the decision to pay ransoms is “difficult” for his country “in the end we are talking about human life.”
“The Americans told us over and over not to pay a ransom,” he said. “And we said to them, ‘We don’t want to pay. But we can’t lose our people.


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Tags: Al Qaeda, Who is funding Al Qaeda, Countries Funding Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda in the News, Fox News On Al Qaeda 
 Surprising Countries Who Are Funding Al Qaeda

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