21 Beautiful Pictures About Life - To Better Your Day

 21 Pictures about Life - To Better Your Day Right Now..

What is Life, and what makes it worth living? Because you always hear that Life Is What You Make It, but you never quite can figure out exactly what that means. Well it means that Life is made up of little moments, and those little moments are made up of all that you see, hear, experience, get involved with, think about, speak out loud, and even share with others. And to do all these things to know life and to live it, you must not be afraid to explore things, you must not only stay at home and watch all things on videos but get out and go touch these things, see them for yourself, breathe in those things, and enjoy those things. Then living your life will be complete, and you will be a well-rounded person. So this is why you can not simply observe things from afar, or read about them in books, or listen to great stories that friends are telling you. No, to know life is to live it, to feel life is to interact with it, to experience life is to contribute to it, to love life is to be passionate about it and all that it has to offer, to be satisfied with life then you must be willing to try and accomplish things. So this is why today I am sharing with You 21 Beautiful Pictures About Life, so you can begin to fully enjoy life in all its many aspects. And the ways you do that is by interacting with the animals, with the buildings, with the earth, with the flowers, with the creation of other brothers and sisters, you must interact with nature, with the air that you breathe, with all the amazing things that are around you. And so you must travel, even if you only go down by the lake behind your house, even if you only go down to your local park and sit on the bench and experience all that are around you. So the point is you must do something to enjoy life, to live life, you must get involved in something beside going to work, and you must interact with all beings who are on this Planet. Because only then will you have a Better Day every single day of your life, only then will you want to get up every morning and begin your great adventures that will become your legacy and your passion, and only then can you say to the Creator that you came, you saw and you did. And doing you must do indeed, every single chance you get, and whether that is touching the fur of your cat, or running around with your dog, or just dipping your feet into the lake, or allow a butterfly to land in your palm, or just taking time out to smell the roses, you must do something in this life. Otherwise you could have stayed up in the Heavens as a spirit being and just observe like the Angels are doing, but that is not your calling  Beloved, for it is to have experiences, to feel and enjoy each moment, to grasp and appreciate each situation you are faced and to contribute some positive things to Humanity and not try to destroy it with all your destructive and selfish behaviors. So Look at and read about these 21 Beautiful Pictures About Life, and once again, allow yourself to have a better day... Your Life Advocate, James Dazouloute






















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 21 Pictures about Life - to have the perfect day..

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