2 Abandoned Kittens - A Journey Of Survival. Pt. 1 of 10

About a week ago, the neighborhood Cat decided to have her babies in a hole in my porch toward the ceiling. She climbed up to the attic of the roof and went to the end where it's very flat, and had 4 babies. Unbeknown to me at the time, until about a week later when I heard some sounds coming from the attic late at night. And when I went outside, I noticed the mother cat trying to crawl back in through that hole, and I heard the babies crying. So the next morning, Monday June 30th. I cut open the part of the ceiling where I heard the baby cats, and sure enough, there were 4 kittens there in my attic. I took them down and placed them in a box for the mother cat when she would comeback that evening to feed them, which she did. But the next morning when I woke up, I saw these 2 kittens were left. And knowing what I know about Animals, the mother cat evaluated the 4 kittens, and she grabbed the two that were the strongest and had more of a chance to live, and abandoned the other two that were the weakest and were shaking vigorously. Also because she is a wild cat, Mother Nature has placed inside her through instinct, to decide who will live and who will survive, also probably because she did not have enough nipples producing milk for all 4 of them,  she decided to take the strongest two. And as I observed that day, she passed by a couple of times looking for food, and these 2 kittens were crying out quite loud, but she completely ignored them and would not even look their way. So as far as she is concerned these 2 kittens are dead to her. Also that night, she did not come for these 2 to feed them. So the next morning, I went to the store to get some kitten milk, since they can not drink cow milk as that would give them diarrhea. And then started to force feed them using a baby bottle with a small nipple, and sure enough they started drinking since by then they were starving. Afterward, I used a warm wet cloth to clean their little body and their ears, also wipe their booty gently with that warm cloth to stimulate them into going to the bathroom for number 1 and number 2. Later on they did and then went to sleep. Stay tuned for their progress as they are trying their best to beat the odds and survive, even though Mother Nature and the mother cat decided that they weren't strong enough to live. So these 2 Abandoned Kittens By The Mother Cat, Are On A Journey Of Survival..... Join Me And Share Your Thoughts As To What More Could Be Done For Them. Your Animal Advocate, James Dazouloute

1. Both abandoned kittens  coming out their box, they are using it as a safe place to sleep. 

2. Male kitten waiting for his food

3.  Female kitten exploring wall and climbing it.

4.  Both kitten are climbing walls

5. Female kitten climbing brick wall.

6. Male kitten following female kitten.

7.  Female kitten being rambunctious..

8. Both male and female kittens waiting for me to take the shot.

9. Female kitten learning how to walk and maintain her balance.

10.  Both kittens are up and hanging out of the porch.

11. Female kitten is up while the male kitten is sleeping

12. Female Kitten climbing brick wall, learning to use its leg muscles
2 Abandoned kittens by mother cat trying their best to survive. Pt. 1 of 10


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 2 Abandoned kittens trying to survive. Pt. 1 of 10

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