2 Abandoned Kittens - A Journey Of Survival - Pt. 2 Of 10

Well the 2 abandoned kittens are now about 6 weeks old and they are looking very healthy, and even though their mother has abandoned them due to the laws of nature and the laws of survival. And now as I have shared with You in 2 Abandoned Kittens - A Journey Of Survival - Pt. 1 Of 10 - it has befallen me to be the caretaker, father and helper of these 2 wonderful cats. And so I have been feeding them cat milk for the first 4 weeks of their life, then I moved them to soft foods for kittens, and now the are on soft dry foods for kittens. Also they are now drinking plenty of water and I have taught them how to use the bathroom on their own. So as you can see in the pictures below, the 2 abandoned kittens are playful, they are being curious, they are exploring all corners and they are growing by leaps and bounds. And due to them eating 3 good meals a day, they are able to have plenty of energy to be perfect little kittens in being curious, in climbing all cloth furniture and in responding to my calls.

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And hopefully they will become the greatest 2 cats on earth in all that they do. But for now they are entering into their 6th. Week of age and they are happy to be alive. So I hope that their stories will help you to see that as human beings we can step into our true calling, and that is to spread love, to protect the innocent and to help the weak, so they can have a chance to make it in life, so they can fulfill God's Plan, whatever that may be for them. And so it is our job to do what we can for the little animals, it is our destiny to protect and do whatever we can do for them. Because all of us, including the animals, are place strategically like in a game of chess, so that all beings can have a chance to be helped and to make it. James Dazouloute

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And Now Enjoy These 2 Abandoned Kittens Who Are On A Journey Of Survival.














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 2 Abandoned kittens trying to survive. Pt. 1 of 10

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 2 Abandoned Kittens - A Journey Of Survival - Pt. 2 Of 10

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