13 People Who Are Having A Worst Day Than You.

I know you are always complaining that your life is hard, and all the things that happen to you are not fair, and you should be luckier. But I must be the bearer 
 13 people who are having the worst day... SEE NOW

of bad news in your life Beloved, and tell you that no matter how bad you are having it right now, there are others who are having the worst time of their life. But I know that you are saying that what is happening to you is the worst thing that could happen, and you would be right. Because all things, all pain, all troubles, all problems are relative, meaning they are your whole world, and to you, your situation, your way of life and all that you are used to are going haywire. And that is true, but sometimes I have learned that if you take your focus off all that are happening to you, and take a look at what is happening to someone else, then by viewing the other person's problem that will help you to see a solution to your own. All because you were able to take your eyes off your problems and stop making them bigger, since whatever you focus on will expand. And by not focusing on it, then it will shrink and you will see it as being just an inconvenience instead of being a problem or a catastrophe. So with all that said, this is why today I am sharing with you 13 People Who Are Having A Worst Day Than You, so you can stop focusing on your problems and laugh at their issues, all the while being able to find a solution about your own situation. Since by looking at others problems, that will help you to stop focusing on yours and then reduce it to the nothingness and illusions they are. Your Certified Life Coach, James Dazouloute

 13 people who are having the worst day... SEE NOW

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