12 Funny Reasons Why You Must Lose Weight.

 12 Fun ways to lose weight right now..

Lose Weight, because you will feel lighter, you will look great in clothes, you will have more energy, more endurance and you will breathe easier. Plus when you lose weight and start to build up muscles, you won't even have to work out that hard, because the more muscles you have the more fat burning will take place 24 hours a day, even when you are sitting down watching TV. So get started today and be on your way to losing the extra fat around your body that is making you look flabby, because you need it, you must get rid of it, and you have to improve your health. All because Bad Fat is your enemy, and it is out trying its best to destroy you, it is causing havoc on your cardiovascular system, Fat is having its way with your blood pressure, with your arteries, with  blood vessels, and since I know you are not a victim, nor do you intend to be an Actor and play one, then start fighting bad fight right now, begin to choke that beast with all your willpower to eat right and exercise, do whatever it takes to get your health back. After all, you've been living this long life successfully, so why now must you give up your life to disease, to illnesses, to the common cold, to a weak immune system, to an obese looking you?. So I beg you Beloved, to use whatever means necessary to get your Health back, to get your active life back, yes do whatever you must in order to activate your metabolism today.  Your Health Advocate, James Dazouloute

And To Encourage Further, Here Are 12 Funny Reasons Why You Must Lose Weight.... So Use Laughter As The Powerful Force It Is And Make Losing Weight Fun...













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 12 Funny ways to lose weight right now...

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