12 Cats To Look At.. And Laugh.

 12 Cats To Look At Right Now...

Cats are so mysterious that you must look at them, you must take the time to honor them for all the funny things they do for you. And you can make a new long lasting friend if you only give a Cat a chance to get close to you, to be near you, to lay on your lap, to play with the little ribbons that you have as a gift for it. And then you will laugh and laugh, because that is what living this Life is all about, yes all about enjoying every single experience that you encounter, because those experiences will happen whether you want them to or not, even when you are minding your own business and sitting at home, situations and events will take place without warning. So what you have to do is laugh with the universe, because she is not trying to hurt you, nor is she sending the animal Cats to harm you or to mess up your life. No my friend, Cats are your friends, they are your guardians, you protectors, your companions, so you must laugh with them, you must enjoy them. And so this is why today I am sharing with You 12 Cats To Look At And Laugh... James Dazouloute












 12 Funny Cats To Look At Right Now...


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 12 Cats To Look At Right Now..

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