11 Funny Animals To Cheer You Up.

 11 Funny Animals To Cheer You Up - Right Now..

Animals are your friends, and they love to be so. Because they were created by God to be near you, to feed you, to help you, to protect you, to help lower your stresses and to give you companionship at all times. And so this is why you must, no matter what adopt a pet animal. And don't think that when I say adopt a pet that you must only get a dog or a cat. No my Friend, you can go to any animal that your heart desires as long as you can get that animal to accept you. Because you can never force an animal to be your friend, nor can you ever force an animal to love you by trapping it and abusing it. Now you can make an animal fear you, as all animals already do anyway since we are bent on hurting them, on killing them, on making them go extinct, so this is why they have stopped talking to us and trying to help us. But there have been many humans who adopted lions, tigers, pigs, snakes, crickets, monkeys, scorpions, elephants etc... All as their best friends and companions for life where they treat each other with reverence and love. So this is how you must be if you ever want an animal to cheer you up, to be your friend for life, to help you, to fully protect you and to even be willing to die for you out of deep love. All because you have taken the time to show respect to that animal, to give love to this great being, to help protect your cousin and to feed the only being who will always truly love unconditionally. And so to help you with your journey, today I am sharing with You These 11 Funny Animals To Cheer You Up, because you need to laugh, you need encouragement, you need to have a perfect friend who is willing to do anything with you and for you. So hopefully, you can now begin to respect the animals and begin to fully open up your heart to them and they too will do the same. Your Animal Advocate, James Dazouloute

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 11 Funny animals to cheer you up - Right Now..

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