10 Celebrities Who Married Their Ex Again

 10 Celebrities who married their ex again... Would You?

Celebrities are some funny people and because they are famous, rich and sometime good looking, they seem to think that they can just do whatever they feel like, and that the universe and her Creator will just bow down to them like the Humans do, and that there will not be any consequences. But they forget that they are still Human beings, therefore are prone to doing silly things, to making mistakes, to falling victims to addictions and even prone to marrying the wrong person, and then to change their mind and want to marry that same person again. And you should not be surprised at anything Celebrities do, because anyone who has a deep hunger to be known by all people, to be loved by all people, and to even be worshiped by the young people, you have to wonder about state of mind, since they want to be gods. But as want-to-be gods, they have no real powers and are full of frailties, full of problems and dramas and full of you know what. So that is why they make the dumbest mistakes even when they know better. Because any smart person knows that if it didn't work out the first time, it will not work out the 2nd. time or the 3rd. or the 4th. Also, whatever reasons were there to make you want to give up the first time, are still there, since People Don't Change, but can only learn to control their behaviors. And so if the person was an Alcoholic before, they still are that, but may have learned to control it and take steps to avoid having their buttons pushed where they will have to drink heavily and excessively again. And it is the same for a drug addict, a sex addict, an abuser, a violent person etc... You don't believe me? Just ask those who have been at the other end of these relationships if that person truly has changed. And so if those Stars or Celebrities remarry their ex, then you must ask if there can truly be change, or if they have even truly learned to control their bad and destructive behaviors. But since you don't believe me, Here Are 10 Celebrities Who Married Their Ex Again... Enjoy, James Dazouloute

1. Pamela Anderson remarried her ex-husband, Rick Salomon, in 2014. The couple were previously married from 2007-2008. (She just filed for divorce again in July 2014)

2. Elizabeth Taylor was first married to Richard Burton from 1964-1974, and then again from 1975-1976. He adopted her daughters, Liza and Maria Burton

3. Marshall Mathers "M n M" was first married to his wife, Kim Scott, from 1999–2001. The couple got remarried and re-divorced in 2006.

4. Comedian Richard Pryor married two of his wives two times. He was first married to Jennifer Lee from 1979–1982. Then he was married to Flynn Belaine from 1986-1987, and then again from 1990-1991. Pryor remarried Jennifer Lee in 2001, and the couple remained together until his death in 2005.

5. Barbara Walters was first to married Merv Adelson from 1981–1984 and again from 1986–1992. They adopted they daughter, Jacqueline Guber, in 1968. Walters has been married 4 times to 3 different men.

6. Larry King was first married to Alene Akins from 1961–1963, and then again from 1967–1972. He adopted her son, Andy, in 1962, and they had a daughter, Chaia, in 1969. King has been married a total of 8 times - with most marriages lasting less than 10 years. He has been married to Shawn King since 1997.

7. Melanie Griffith was first married to Don Johnson for 6 months in 1996, and then again from 1989–1996. Their daughter,Dakota Johnson, was born in 1989.

8. Judge Judy was first married to Jerry Sheindlin from 1977–1990. The couple remarried in 1991, and are still together today. They have 5 children and 12 grandchildren.

9. Ben Stein was first married to his wife, Alexandra Denman, from 1968-1974. They re-married in 1977 and adopted their son, Tommy, in 1987.

10. Natalie Wood was first married to Robert Wagner from 1957–1962, and then again from 1972 until her death in 1981. Their daughter, Courtney Wagner, was born in 1974. Wood was also married to Richard Gregson (1969–1972). Wagner was also married to Marion Marshall (1963–1971), and he has been married to Jill St. John since 1990.

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 10 Celebrities Who married their ex again..

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