Why You Should Never Be Jealous Of Others.

 Reasons why You should never be Jealous of others...

When it comes to living life and expecting great things from her, you can easily get sucked into the common saying that “Life is not fair”. Especially when you look around you, and notice that people who are way less talented than you are getting money hand over fist, people who refused to go to school are getting the best jobs, while others who are not even beautiful or articulate are making it to the top by being so popular. And the list goes on and on, as to other people who are getting great blessings in life that should have come to you, that should have been yours and that should make you the great person you are destined to be. But because you are not getting all that you have coming to you, and because others are getting all kind of things they have not worked for, then you are very tempted to become extremely jealous.

But I beg of you Beloved, please, please do not fall for the tricks of the dark side. Because jealousy, hate, anger, are all the beginning of the path that will destroy you, that will deter you from ever reaching your destiny, that will forever taint your legacy, and that will keep you from ever receiving all the blessings that you have coming to you. And why is that?

Because you must remember that each person has a destiny, each one has a path that he or she must follow, also each human being has a gift that was assigned to him or her. And in order for them to manifest their gift or reaching their destiny, then certain things must happen for them unexpectedly, certain blessings must come to them undeserving, and certain abilities must come to them naturally while others are struggling, just so they can get to where they must be, and just so they can contribute and do their part -  good or bad. 

Also another reason why you must never be jealous of others is, you must remember that even you have been blessed, even you have had things happen for you unexpectedly, even you have had certain blessings come to you undeserving, and even you have certain abilities that come to you like second nature while others are struggling to even begin to understand that particular subject. Additionally, you have constantly been helped by unseen forces to get out of trouble at every turn of your life so far, and you have been included into a lot of big blessings nationally and internationally as part of a group, just when things were falling apart for you. But because you have been so focused on what others are getting on their way to their destiny, that you are just unable to see all the help you have been getting from behind the scenes, all the protection you have been receiving, all the fixes to get you out of financial troubles, legal troubles, job troubles, relationship violence, and even out of being robbed while walking down the street. But for some reason, you seem to think that this is all you, and others are getting all the help except you. 

So in closing, I remind you that just like the character “Harry Potter” in the first movie, who got help as a baby, who continued getting help from all the other wizards, and who kept being helped to vanquish evil. Also remember that each of his friends were being helped, and each one had a special ability that came in handy to help him and bless him. And just like that character's life, you too have been getting helped anonymously from all the powers that be, and so this is why you must not ever be jealous of others who are getting all the little things they need to get, in order to make it, and even in order to help you to become great. So from now on, begin to encourage others to get their life together, begin to applaud others when they are getting blessed even though they did not do anything to deserve them, and begin to help the universe by being a positive force who are happy for others for all that is happening in their life, and then you will see that your life explodes in blessings. Your Blessing Advocate, James Dazouloute

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Reasons Why you should never be jealous of others..

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