Why You Are A Light To The World.

 Why you are a light to the world...

This world needs each and every human being, every single second of every day, and can not afford to lose even one soul. Because each one is part of the great collective, and if one is lost, then the whole becomes much weaker. And with all that said, it is important to know that every single human being needs help to improve his or her life. Extremely important to know that each human being needs a role model, a helper, a protector, a guardian, a big brother / big sister, a mentor, a guide, and a light in his or her world. And so this is where you come in Beloved, this where your destiny lies, this is the moment you came down as a spirit being into this physical realm, this is why God chose you only for this generation and time line.

Yes you, not the other person next to you, just you. And this is why you must not envy others when you see them living a lifestyle that you know deep down inside is self-destructive, whether it is drinking too much, partying over the top, having too much sex, smoking a lot, cheating on every business deal, and trying to get over everyone and everything at every turn. All because that is the path that has been laid out for him or her, and the one that person chooses to walk at that particular time, until he or she can learn something new and begin to grow and transform. And you, the universe seems to do all it can to keep you away from all these activities, even when you have done your best to set them up, and each time something unexpectedly happens that prevents your plan from going forward. Why?

 Why you are a light from God..

Because you are a light to the world, you are elected to lift up many, you are chosen to mentor and guide everyone within your circle of influence, and you are designated as the one who will be there when those people who are living their extreme lifestyles have finally caught up with them, and life is demanding payment be made in the form of heavy consequences, in the form of poor health, in the form of mental breakdown, or great addiction. Again, this is where you come in, when those brothers and sisters are in need of a friend, in need of someone to look up to and who resisted, or did not fall into temptations. Again, this is why you were chosen and kept from enjoying so many seemingly good things at the time, and why you were being guided supernaturally to learn certain things, to observe what is ignored, to know what is hidden and to prepare while others threw caution to the wind. 

Also important to note, do not worry about the fact that you are not perfect, because you are a work in progress, a light that will soon turn into a blazing flame, and the more you give of yourself to others, the more you will learn, the more blessings and understanding will be sent your way, and then the more perfect you will keep on becoming. 

 Why you are the little light that's going to shine..

Also Beloved, you must come to terms with who you are, you must begin to accept why you are here, and you absolutely must embrace your position as “A light to the world”. And then begin to work your gift, begin to lend a hand to each person who is falling, and who needs someone to understand them and help them get on their feet. Additionally, you must not be shy about your purpose and the fire that is burning inside your heart and mind to help others, because of 2 reasons: 1, a light is not lit to be placed under a bed or be buried inside a hole. No, it is lit to be placed above where it can illuminate all. 2, a single flame can light a thousand candles and never diminish. So you must become the catalyst of help in the lives of many, where others can always comes to draw from your strength, your guidance, your love, your compassion, your trust, your help, your confidentiality, your great understanding and you amazing sense of awareness. All the while never diminishing. So please join me, as we make a difference in the world. Your Light Advocate, James Dazouloute


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 Why you are a light to the world..


  1. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Nicely done, we are all children of God and have His Holy Light inside us all. Margarett.

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    i love the candles...

  3. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Great article to motivate us to do what is right. Jacequeline

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    Great piece of writing my friend...

  5. Anonymous6:47 AM

    This is great, I love how you explain that we ar the light of the world. Bernadette.


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