Why Men Always Want To Make A Lof Of Money.

 Why Men Always Want To Make Money...

Money is the universal resource needed by everyone, even by the spiritual hypocrites who tell you that money is the root of all evil and yet are constantly harassing you about giving to them, supporting them or giving a donation to their cause. And so as you can see, money is needed by one and all to live and function in this material universe, but why do most men need and want to make as much money as possible? Answer: Women.

Yes Sir, women are the driving force behind men going after that ultimate resource called Money. And that is only because men were created to protect, to provide for and to care for. And so no matter the generation, no matter the culture and no matter the country, it is all the same for all men. They make money in order to buy the things that will attract women to them, since women were created as a gift to men, also they were made to complete the men, additionally women were created to be physically weaker than men and would need them to provide for them, to protect them, to care for them and to help them. And so this is why from early childhood, women find those things in their daddy and later on they continue this path. And since God put these attributes inside men, then they are compelled to be hunters, gatherers and providers financially, physically and materially. While the women are receivers, preparers and nurturing, and so they complement the men as being their opposite in a good way.

And let's not forget that men are also physical beings while women are sentimental ones, and so the men want sex, need sex and must have sex. And because of this inherent need, they will work hard to make as much money as possible, so they could impress the women with gifts, with power, with materialistic items; all for the goals of obtaining sex. Because men will give love to women to get sex, while women will give sex to men to get love. Also that's the way it is in the animal kingdom even, because the male animals will have to show their prowess, their best features and even their dominance during times of mating, which is usually once or twice a year, in order to attract the females attention, respect and love. So they could be allowed to mate with the female animals and procreate to keep the species going. 

So as you can see men or males, all do the same things, all have the same attributes, same needs and even take the same course of action in order to attract love, attract romance, attract wives and be able to create a loving family and produce children from it. So men make money for all these reasons, and because of these, many will cheat, lie, steal, rob and even kill others in order to make money by any means necessary. Because their desires for women outweigh their needs for morality, for ethics and even for attaining enlightenment. So that is why when you look around you in business, you will hear men say that you can never have enough money in this world. And so the more they get, the more they want and need, and the more wicked things they are willing to do for this ultimate resource. In the end, it is all because of Women. James Dazouloute

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