Who Is Sorry Now, 3 Celebrities Had To Apologize Due To Love Troubles.

 3 Celebrities who apologized for their behavior sexually.

And all these People are You, Me, Brother, Sister And Others. As these things can happen to all of us, since all of us have been in Love or have been used and misguided by others. Along with, we all have made bad choices after bad choices in our Lives that have led us to a Crossing Intersection of Life where we had to Stay Sane and Make The Right Choices or Else...

So Today during our discussion we will look at the lives of 3 Celebrities that will help us live Life with more wisdom and more clairvoyance. So that when our time of testing arrives, or when that crossroad is before us we will be able to escape the Fire of Emotions, Pride, Lust, Sex and Love. And Remember Dear Friend, everyday there is a choice to be made. Every second there is a choice in our mind as to what to think, and we will forever be bombarded with choices within our lives. So the Number One Lesson I can teach You is: Nothing Has any Meaning, except the Meaning which You Give To It. Now Let Us Begin:

First, We See Ms. Amy Fisher:

Ms. Amy Fisher in the early 1990's was a 16 year old who attended school and was also a part time Escort. Ms. Fisher had dealings with several man, and one of those dealings was with a married man named Joey Buttafuoco. And at some point in the Relationship, Ms. Amy Fisher Succumbed to a Jealous Rage temptation and went to confront Mrs. Mary Jo Buttafuoco. And during that confrontation, Ms fisher shot the Innocent Victimized Wife in the Neck ( Luckily And Deservedly She Did Not Die. ) Afterwards, the Newspapers Nicknamed Ms. Fisher as the "" Long Island Lolita. "" A trial took place, and Ms. Fisher pleaded Guilty and she was Sentenced to 5 to 15 years. And Mr. Buttafuoco ended up serving 6 months in Jail for Statutory Rape Of a Minor.

And After 7 years in Prison, Ms. Fisher got a hearing to see if she had to do the final 8 years. And Mrs. Buttafuoco was in attendance, so Ms Fisher took the witness stand and Spoke to the Wife: "' What Happened To You, It Wasn't Your Fault, It Was My Fault And I Am Sorry "' And again as she passed near Mrs. Buttafuoco she brushed her fingers and Repeated "" I am Sorry"".

Second, We Have Mr. Hugh Grant

Mr. Hugh Grant is a very nice Guy and a good movie Actor, but back 1995 he was dating Supermodel Elizabeth Hurley ( Very lucky guy by all other Men's Standards ). Then it came as a surprise to us all that Mr. Grant was arrested by the Local Los Angeles Police on June 27, 1995. He was charged with Receiving Oral Sex from a Hollywood Prostitute, named Divine Brown, in his car. Both Went To Jail On That Day. And of course the News Media just love to keep us in the dirt, so they took on this story with Great Vigor and started to Hound Him. ( Ain't it just like the Devil, after he keeps helping put ideas into your head and when you finally cave in, He just brings out all enemies from every corner to bury you in the dirt for life. )

Mr. Grant Quickly issued an Apology within hours of the incident to all Parties, But especially to his Beloved Girlfriend, Ms. Hurley. But that still was not enough for the Media, the Gossipers and the Haters. So he went on the Tonight Show, Hosted by Jay Leno, and Stated: "' I did a bad thing, I keep reading new psychological theories that I was under pressure, I was overtired, I was lonely, I fell down the stairs as a Child. That would be Bollocks to hide behind that.You know in life what is a good thing and what is a bad thing. I did a bad thing and there you have it. "'

Third, We Have Ms. Lorena Bobbitt:

Ms. Lorena Bobbitt was married to Mr. John Bobbitt, whom had a drinking problem and likes to come home after a night out drinking and wants to get some. But one night Mrs. Bobbitt got tired of the sexual intrusions, and she waited while Mr. Bobbitt passed out on the bed, went and got a butcher knife and completely cut off Mr. Bobbitt's Penis. During this short moment of Insanity, she ran out and tossed it on the side of the road. Luckily for Mr. Bobbitt he was very drunk, so that helped decrease the pain, and two the Police was notified and they were able to find the penis. Third the surgeons worked a Miracle and they were able to sow - reattached - reconnected all the nerve cells.

During the Trial, Mrs. Lorena Bobbitt Stated: "" My feelings... were all mixed up and I couldn't really explain. I couldn't Stop. Couldn't help myself. I had to do it, see. I had this... I was overwhelmed by this.. this...this... this Irresistible Impulse. ""

Watch Video... I Am Sorry...  by Brenda Lee

Please, Please Try Your Hardest And Not To Have To Say These Words On National TV.  So Dear Friend, what can and should we learn from all this?. Life is made up of choices, and everyday you have to be careful but be even more on your toes for what you decide to do. And Remember we live in a Hypocritical Society, on one hand they applause all sorts of lifestyles and all forms of behaviors. But, as Soon as it gets put on the News they all become " Holier than Christ " and harder than the Romans, and want to pass harsh Judgment, then Crucify You. It's all a Set - Up by the Puppeteer who keeps helping us with bad ideas on things to do. Be - ware... 

So Now What Say You About This Article, Could Those Celebrities Have Done Different Things?

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 3 Celebrities Who apologized for Sex incident

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