Which One Are You, A Winner Or Loser In Business... SEE

 Are you a winner or a loser.. SEE

A Winner or A Loser? You have to decide for yourself right now which one you are going to be in every area of your life, and then see how you are going to make that happen. But in the area of business and making money, there is no decision to be made, because you need lots of money to survive, you need plenty of it to make a difference in helping the poor through philanthropy, you need great amounts of it to build your own schools and hospitals. So in that particular area, You Have To Be A Winner. No debating it, no arguing about it and no I will be. No, right now you must be a winner to attract the energy of money, you must want to win to attract the kinds of successful people who will bring riches to your door steps,  and you absolutely have to be the greatest winner of all in money if you ever want to make a real difference in the environment, in politics, in medicine, in protecting children etc... All because Money is a Universal resource and you need it to do just about anything in this modern physical and material world. So Wake Up! Stop living in dreamland like the "Do Gooders" who want to save the world, but have a small non profit blog, or they want to protect children through their mouth but don't have a couple of dollars to provide a safe home for them, or they need to heal the sick by volunteering but don't have any money to buy the expensive medications needed, or they want to give their kids a great chance in life but can not afford to send them to the prestigious schools with a trust fund. Stop Dreaming like they do! In this material world you need money to buy land, to buy food, to buy education, to buy water, to buy a car.., you didn't create that fact and so you must get used to it, and then make the best of it. Just like I am doing here, I am giving you great information, but I am not doing it for free because my time and knowledge are not free. I need money to live, to buy a computer, to get wi-fi, to buy  software etc... So I must be a winner, and in the end I expect "The Numbers Game" to work for me, meaning if 1000 people read this I expect 10 to 50 to buy a book or click on Ad, or share this and make it go viral. And so must you too be in whatever field you are involved in my friend, so you and I can truly make a noticeable difference. So this is why today I am sharing with you What Winners Do And What Losers Do or Don't Do. Your Certified Business Coach, James Dazouloute

 Why you must be a winner in business..

Striking Differences Between Winners and Losers

1Winners focus on solutions.Losers focus on problems.
2Winners take responsibility.Losers blame others.
3Winners find opportunities in crisis.Losers complain about crisis.
4Winners enjoy being in the present and learn from the past.Losers live in the past.
5Winners make commitment and keep them no matter what.Losers make promises that they always break.
6Winners think about how they can achieve.Losers give excuses.
7Winners make personal development a priority.Losers neglect personal development.
8Winners face their fear, accept it and take the leap.Losers dwell in their fear.
9Winners constantly expand their comfort zone.Losers stay in their comfort zone.
10Winners take action consistently.Losers refrain from taking action and lack consistency.
11Winners take failure in their stride and learn from them.Losers fear failure and avoid them at all cost.
12Winners try different strategies when they are not getting the results they want.Losers do the same thing over and over again expecting different results.
13Winners set goals.Losers lack goals.
14Winners plan.Losers hate having a plan.
15Winners believe there are always things to be learn.Losers consider themselves as an expert even though they know little.
16Winners are humble.Losers are egoistic.
17Winners continue to hone their skill every other day without fail.Losers make little effort in honing their skill.
18Winners work hard.Losers avoid work.
19Winners give their best for the things that they decide to do.Losers work half heartedly in everything that they do.
20Winners are persistent and will do whatever it takes (ethical means) to achieve their goal.Losers give up when obstacles pop up.
21Winners manage their time well and indulge in high value activities that will bring them closer to their goals.Losers lack time management skills and indulge in time wasting activities like playing games and watching re runs for the umpteen time.
22Winners dream in the day.Losers dream in bed.
23Winners think about possibilities.Losers focus on obstacles that will stop them from achieving.
24Winners are certain.Losers doubt.
25Winners control their own destiny.Losers leave everything to their fate.
26Winners give more than they take.Losers take more than they give.
27Winners think whether the crowd is going in the right direction. If not, he will walk the other direction.Losers follow the crowd.
28Winners think and lead.Losers refuse to think so they follow.
29Winners listen.Losers fight for every chance to talk.
30Winners always find a better way to do things.Losers stick to one way of doing things.
31Winners spend money in seminars and classes to improve themselves.Losers think that spending money on seminars and classes is a waste of money and they prefer to buy toys that gives them instant gratification.
32Winners help others to win.Losers refuse to help and think only about their own benefit.
33Winners find like minded people like themselves that can bring them to greater height.Losers find like minded people like themselves that will drag them to failure.


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