What Is The Meaning Of Life - Discussion With God.

 What is the meaning of life...A discussion with God

What Is The Meaning Of Life? Well First Off, Thank You God YHWH for having Created Life, and even better: Thank You my God  for having Created my Life and then gave it to me with purpose. 

You Oh God are Life, and the meaning of life is found within Your Word that gives life, and that is life to one and all.

The meaning of life is very easy to understand with your help Oh Loving God, and that is to just love my brother as I love myself. And as I do nothing to harm my brother, I am able to live a fulfilling life. A life filled with love, filled with blessings and filled with joy as I live out the meaning of life.

I am forever amazed by You, Our Great Creator God. For You gave life to one and all, and gave meaning and purpose to each one. But amazingly, the purpose of each one is of the utmost importance; for none is greater than the other. And if one being does not live out his or her purpose, than the whole of humanity is in chaos for the link will be broken. And the whole chain of togetherness, and universal purpose for all souls will unravel. Thank you Dear God for this meaning of life.

I love You Omnipotent God, and I ache to serve You by serving my brothers and sisters. And I suffer from great anxiety every hour because I so much want to show love to all those who You place within my circle. Since when I show Love, then I show You. When I show compassion, I show Your heart, and when I show forgiveness, then I show Your Great Love. And that too is the meaning of life, living within Your all consuming Greatness.

To know the meaning of life, is to obey your every righteous and holy commands. To know the meaning of life is to run from all forms of evil, and embrace every inch of Holiness. And since you are Holy, I run after You day and night Oh God my Peace.

I stand within Your perfect Presence, because You have allowed me to. Ever since You have provided Yourself as a bridge between You and I, a bridge to be able to enter Your throne room, a bridge to offer up my praises to You directly. And a bridge to be  able to pray to You, and for You to communicate Your wishes to me with no delay and I able to understand them. And I am in ecstasy to know that this bridge is You, The Son Of The Living God. A begotten title that You have created for Yourself and by Yourself. You are the meaning of life.

Oh my God, as I write this to you and by doing this, You give my life meaning. So yes, the meaning of life is found in You and You alone, The God who is above all gods. Also You give me the meaning of life when I love You by Obeying You, and You give my life meaning when I forgive  all offenses quickly and become Perfect daily by imitating You, as You are Perfect from Eternity Past.

 WOW! To know the meaning of life is to know the meaning of God Names. The meaning of life is to be filled with the love of God, and giving that love to all who do not deserve it. The meaning of life is to be in perfect Obedience to You God, and that will make me forget myself as I easily sacrifice all my selfish needs.

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 What is the meaning of life... A Discussion with God

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