What Is Ethics, And How To Have Some.

 What is Ethics and how to have some..

Ethics or moral principles are pretty easy understand, if you just understand and live by the golden rule of the universe, which is: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And I can sit here and sound very fancy with my words by breaking it all down legally, morally, spiritually, financially and socially; but that's for all the folks who are trying to sell books. But as for me, I must tell you and only tell you that to have some ethics, all you have to remember is to ask yourself before you cheat in anything and on anyone: Would I want someone to do this to me?

And then you will have all the answers about how to have ethics or how to be ethical in life, in business, in dealing with your peers and even in the ways that you treat the less fortunate. And really Beloved, I don't want you to be like the big Corporations along with the big Governments who are made up of regular human beings, who soon after they start to make a little bit more money than others or they get elected in political offices and have been entrusted with power so they can do the job assigned to them, then all of a sudden they forget about being human beings, they forget about being brothers and sisters created by the same God. And they start to only love themselves, they start to use every deceitful mean to get more power, more money, more pleasure, more fake love, more popularity. And they even subject themselves to stealing more of Earth's resources and will even murder the whole human race if they have to by using wars, poison, pollution and a one world government.

But as for you Beloved, do not fall into that sad, weak and short trap that will leave your soul forever bound to the torments of this life of always wanting more for yourself at the expense of cheating and tricking others. So learn to have Ethics or great moral principles, not based upon what some religions have taught you, but about what has already been installed inside you, and that is The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. By always asking yourself: What If It Were Me This Was Being Done To??? 

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 What is Ethics and how to have some...

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