Ways To Get Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse.

 How to be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse..

Zombie Movies have always scared you to the deepest root of your soul, and with good reason. Because the Undead are not supposed to be anywhere near you, or walk within your realm, for they all have a special place they are supposed to go. So when you even think, or you see on the screen a "What If Scenario Of Zombies" taking over, then you are frightened. And I have to tell you Beloved, if you have a Nuclear Disaster, or a Heavy Chemical Disaster, then I can guarantee you that you will encounter Zombies, or people who should be dead but have had their cells Reanimated. And because of that chemical reaction, then you may have to prepare, as part of Your Disaster Plan to deal with your neighbors who have now become Zombies.

And don't think that this is a Far-Fetched scenario when it comes to Disasters that may happen in your life, because nowadays you live in a world where everything you use is full of chemicals, and not to forget even the foods and water you drink, along with all the heavy drugs that are out there. Now imagine that every person, every company are consuming and using toxic chemicals for  years, and then one day you have a Nuclear and Chemical Disaster at your local plant, or from your Power company, and it is Airborne. So now you and your neighbors are breathing all the chemically toxic air around you, so are you beginning to see how The Zombie Scenario could play out.

Especially when you constantly hear about Zombies doing terrible things from other cultures, and you are starting to see the very bad chemical side effects that so many of the bad drugs that are out there have on people. So it is quite easy for you to make a personal connection, whenever you are watching a Zombie movie. Also since the Creator placed inside each soul the fear of dying, so that way they will not all commit mass-suicide and ruin the plans He set up, then you automatically share in that fear as well.

Do try to imagine what you would do in each situation to ensure your survival. And believe it or not, if you were to encounter Zombies in your street within your neighborhood, that would be quite a disaster, just like a Hurricane, or a Tornado or a Volcano that you would have to do something about to survive. Since they all want would want to consume your flesh, since they all would want you dead, and since they all would want to take away all that is important to you.

Well I do hope that you are the type who can sit down and enjoy a wonderful Zombie movie without having any grave nightmares, because Supernatural life events are very common, and you should not be frightened by them. And if you look around you closely, you will see that there are many who are on drugs, there are many who have lost their mind, and there are many who are deformed, and so seeing them is just like seeing those Zombie movies. Nothing to worry about... So share your thoughts about what effects Zombie Movies have on you.

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 How To Get Ready For Zombies...

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