Thank You God... A Poem

 Thank You God... A Poem.

Thank You God. Since You did not want to be alone, and decided to create me out of Your love to Love you, share love with you and love like you.

Thank you God. Yes thank you, for having given me a mission to love all. And return my love back to You in obeying You, and showing You that Your love seed in me as taken roots and growing.

Thank you God. As You drive Yourself deeper in love with me every second of the day, by constantly thinking of me. By constantly thinking of what is good for me, of what I need and of what power to grant me.

Thank you God. Because I am enamored with the attention that You give to me even while I was in my mother's womb. I am enamored with the ways that everything You have ever planned in Your universe has ultimately been about me and for me.

Thank you God. I am not ashamed of the patience that You show to me as I grow in Your love, and keep making mistakes day after day. I am not ashamed to say: “ Thank you God “ for giving direct orders to Your holy angels to serve me.

Thank you God. For being all for me and to me, for being my bread of life, for having taken a vow to refuse to give up on me, no matter the horrible mistakes I keep on making

Thank you God. For having sent Yourself, my big Brother and my Creator, to come save me. To come and pay my creditors for me, to come and defend me against my accuser Satan.

Thank you God. For giving me all the authority and the meaning of each of Your name to use. Just so I can obey and love you even more as I succeed each day, as I have a Business and give plenty to others in your name.

Thank you God. And I will never deny this: You have never been ashamed of me and denied me Your love, Your compassion, Your kindness. And You definitely have never denied me Your forgiveness.

Thank you God. As You are my everything, and I have no other nor known any other god. As you share your throne with me since you made me heir to it.

Thank you God. For making me ready to rule Your heavens with each day that You spend perfecting me with each experience that you allow me to have in ruling down here. With each fall, with each shortcoming, with each time that I let you down.

Thank you God. Because I will never forget that there is no other God beside You. I will never forget that no one can snatch me out of Your hand. Nor can any being harm me, all because You have elected and claimed me. As well paid for everything for me.

Thank you God. Because You show me your greatness, your awesomeness, your omnipotence, with each day that Your created Sun rises and each night that your created Moon appear, all to give to me their light.

Thank you God. Thank you God for my intelligence, for all the resources you provide for me, for making me rich in all ways, for protecting me and every single that you have given me.  And before I forget again, thank you God.   James Dazouloute

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Thank You God A Poem..

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