Talk Show Host Conan O'brien Lost His Home?

Conan O'brien in the news with back tax problems

Having a home, whether it is a first home, a second home or a vacation one, is very crucial to your self esteem. Because having a home gives you security, peace of mind, and it allows you to plant your feet firmly somewhere so you  can have the confidence that you have a place to lay your head, a space to have get together 's with friends, and even allow loved ones to stay there. So when you hear that Conan O'brien may have lost his home, then that kind of news quickly hit you in your heart, because you too know the feeling of not being able to pay your rent or mortgage and you have to move. So Comedian Conan O'brien who owns a home near the Westerly shore in Rhode Island, owed about $8000 in back taxes, and the home that is worth about $723,000 was put on the tax sale list of delinquent houses to be sold at public auction. And in case you're not aware of the procedures when it comes to property taxes owed to a City or State, the rule is it doesn't matter if the house is worth a million dollars and you only $5000 in taxes, or if you owe the Bank or Mortgage Company a million dollars and you only owe $5000 in taxes, the City or State always takes precedence above you or the Bank, whomever is the actual owner. And the only way the house can be saved once it's scheduled to go on a tax sale, is for the back taxes, penalties, interests and late fees to be paid up to one hour before the sale. Otherwise the sale will go on to the highest bidder so the City or State can get their money to run the Government, pay all employees and provide services to the Citizens. And this is what happened with Conan Obrien, because he did end up paying the back taxes, according to Town officials who told the Westerly Sun that O'Brien paid his $8,000 bill on Friday, June 20, 2014. Also, O'Brien publicist Drew Shane issued a statement saying O'Brien had been unaware he owed back taxes. He blamed the problem on a clerical error that prevented the bill from reaching O'Brien's accountant in Los Angeles. So What Do You Think About This Story, And Have You Lost A Home Yourself?


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