Online Survey Companies Reviewed

Online Surveys are offered to be taken by all the big companies when you visit their website, or when you are trying to close an account at a big vendor's site. So why would you think that they would gladly pay you $15-$150 for taking a survey? 
 Online Survey Companies Reviewed.

Especially when they know that everyone has pride and just love to talk about their feelings and views, and give their opinion all the time. And on top of that, most big companies like Wal-Mart, Kroger, Home Depot... All ask you to take a survey when they hand you your receipt at check-out. And on top of that they usually will tell you that by taking a survey with them, you will enter for the chance to win $10,000. Because they figure by offering 10k as a lottery or sweepstakes, about 100,000 people will take the survey, and for them that would come out to about 10 cents a survey. So again, why would a company pay you $15-$150 for taking a survey, when they can have thousands do it for free? Now with all that said, that doesn't mean that there aren't some companies out there who are doing research and are looking for survey takers to help them, or some companies who needs survey done about their marketing approach, or for political issues. But they are very few, so when you read and see a company or website sends you an email claiming that you can take surveys right now and make a killing, also that the Internet has a huge shortage of survey takers, and that you will be inundated with surveys, then why would you believe it?  And those companies will usually have a membership fee around $60 that you must pay before you can have access to their list of companies looking for survey takers. And then what you will get is a survey here and there where you will be paid about $2 for a 15 minutes Survey. Now for an hour's work that would be about $6.00, and that's not even minimum wage. Is that what you want? Of course not.

Now if you want to take surveys for companies you can do a search Online right now typing that subject matter, and try to find the research companies that do just that, and go to them directly. And don't forget that those companies will never tell you that you can take surveys all day long for them, because for each survey they are looking for a particular demographic, a certain age group, a certain body type, or a certain illness that you suffer from. So there is no way that you will qualify for every survey. So beware of your emails when you get junk mails offering to make you thousands of dollars to take  surveys. By James Dazouloute

And here is a copy of such Survey Company Email you might get, which you should not go for:

Get $25 for your first paid survey!

Yes, that’s right.  We’ll pay you $25 when you sign up with us today!
We have an instant $25 market research survey you can take as soon as you join.
Click Here To Get Started Now!
Imagine companies paying you just to get your opinion about whether or not
you like their products sound too good to be true?  It isn’t.
Thousands of companies are hiring people right now to do just that!
There are opportunities worldwide, so it doesn’t even matter what country you’re from.
When you join today, you’ll have THOUSANDS of surveys at your fingertips paying anywhere from $25-$50.
You can take these online from home, on vacation or anywhere you have an Internet connection.’
Now is a better time than ever to get started!  Take advantage of the instant $25 survey today!
Click Here To Get Started Now
Looking forward to working with you.
Jenny Adams
Hiring Supervisor
Surveys Paid



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