Never Try Anything Once That is Bad.

 Why you should never try anything once that you know is bad for you..

Peer pressure will cause you to do some crazy things, loneliness will drive you to do stupid things, zeal for living life will force you to throw caution to the wind, feelings will deceive you into enjoying what you even hate, so-called friends will ask you to join them in every wicked adventure, lust will demand that you are selfish and do whatever you want, and in the end you will be left holding the bag Beloved.

And then you are in for it, you are in for the pain and consequences to come, you are in it after being left alone by one and all to deal with the aftermath, you are then to be blamed also for what happens to your sons and daughters all the way down to the 4th. Or 5th. Generation. And all this will happen after you try anything just once, that you know is bad for you. Like a seed that is very tiny but grow big.

And the funny thing is that deep down inside, you always know what is right and wrong for you every single time you are faced with a situation and you are tempted. But you always throw caution to the wind with the right help from a friend, with the right help from the spirit of lust, the right help from the familiar demons you have living inside you, the right help of generational curses having been passed down to you, the right help from hereditary behaviors, the right help from your pride, from your loneliness, from your zeal for life. 

So why should you not try anything that is bad for you just once? Because Beloved, each time that you try something once, you have just introduced it to your D.N.A., you have just invited that demonic spirit that controls that thing to come and live inside your soul, you have just allowed the feel of that thing to now become a big permanent part of you, you have just doomed yourself to trying it over and over again. And I know that you didn't believe in any of this before, but now that modern medicine is finally understanding and revealing to you what God has been saying all along, that things that you do become part of you, and then you pass them down to your bloodline as hereditary. And now you see when you go to the Doctor for a check up, or getting medical insurance, they all ask you to fill out a long form, and in it they ask you if in your family there is a history a drug addiction, of high blood pressure, of cancer, of smoking addiction, of this disease or that disease, of heart problems or  of depression etc... 

And why is that you ask? It is all because at some point someone in your bloodline above you decided to try something just once that was bad for them, like doing illegal drugs, like drinking heavy liquor, like beating up on others through deep anger, like having quite a bit of sexual encounters with many partners, like eating some very greasy foods that tasted good. And after trying those things just once and they entered their spirits, then they were compelled at that point by their mind, by their body, by their soul, by their feelings, by their loneliness and needs, to try them again at a later time. And then again and again, and before you know it, they all fell. And the spirit of addiction came in and took over,  their mind became weak, their body was suddenly subservient to that thing, to that lifestyle, to that activity and to that event. And you see this all around you when you ask others about their smoking addiction, their gambling addiction, their sexual addiction, or drug, or lying, or anger problems, or stealing issues... And for the most part they will tell you that the first time they hated that thing, they were very scared for doing that thing, they were ashamed for doing it because they were going against their spirit that shares with them right and wrong. And now they are addicted, and now they spend all their time trying to tell others not to start at all, or not to even try anything just once that is bad for them. But Will You Listen Beloved? Your common sense advocate, James Dazouloute

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 Why should never try anything once that you know is bad..

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