Medical Leeches, They Can Give You Better Health

 See How Medical Leeches Can Help You..

Medical Leeches, They Are Good For You. These little miracle workers have been used for thousands of years my friend, and just about all cultures and civilizations know very well all the many ways to use these little creatures to get rid of so many diseases, as well as give you relief from your everyday sufferings. Yes, medical leeches are unappreciated best friends.

For even as a child, I can remember my Mom used to employ medical leeches to give her relief from her swollen foot. She used to make me go and get them from a jar, and at 6 years old I used to be terrified of the medical leeches. And after they would finish sucking up all the bad blood, then get so fat and fall to the ground, then I would have to roll them in charcoal sands and squeeze the blood out. Only to put the medical leeches back in the jar to be used again at a later date.

Medical Leeches, They Are Good For You. And of course the hungrier the medical leeches are the better to help you to give you relief, and to provide cures for your bad ailments. So yes the leeches are the unappreciated best friend that God Has placed in the waters for us. And I know that in the West, people and doctors are so far behind on using natural healing. But in the East, they have mastered many different forms of natural healing. Including the great use of medical leeches.

◊ Leeches have been used in medicine for thousands of years at least as far back as 1000 BC.
◊ Hundreds of thousands are still used in America, millions in Europe.
◊ There are 650 known species –some very different.
◊ Horror moves aside such as in “The Attack of the Giant Leech,” leeches rarely grow more than 18”.
◊ A leech has 32 brains and 3,000 teeth.
◊ A leech will suck up to half a teaspoon of blood. A treatment might include 10 leeches.
◊ Longevity: 2-8 years. Most prefer a muddy-bottomed pond and still waters.
◊ Favorite food: frogs and fish eggs.
◊ Can exist for months without eating. They can hibernate.
◊ The bite is painless.
◊ In medicine they are used where their anticoagulant properties are useful:
clot digesting, on bruises, microsurgery - to assist in restoring blood flow,
thromboses, potentially in drugs to treat cardiovascular diseases.
◊ Of continuing interest:
Medicinal leeches (hirudo medicinal) can perceive changes in temperature,
vibrations, light intensity and chemicals with sensory organs
on their bodies and heads.

And so I implore you to give the medical leeches a chance. And believe me, their bites or puncture of your skin are only as strong as one little bite from an ant. And the Bad Blood Sucking begins, and all you have to do is lay back and watch them get fat all the while helping cure you. And remember as well, that as soon as the medical leeches are filled with bad blood, they can not support their body weight and fall. Well the ones in Africa and the Islands do anyway. 

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See how Medical Leeches can help you lose weight..

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