Love Cats...Top Ten Things You Must Do For Them

 10 Best Things To Do For Cats If You Love Them..

Love Cats because the are very lovable. Love Cats because their curiosity and funny faces make them the most watched videos on YouTube. Love Cats because they are as independent as you and do not require too much from you. And Love Cats because you are afraid of their cousins The Tiger, The Lion, The Leopard, and so they offer you a smaller lovable version of their contemporary. So as you can see, cats are wonderful little beings that just want to love you and share this big whole world with you. And they are attentive to your needs, they are very peaceful, they are very great teachers in teaching you how to relax. Also they do not eat much of your food, they do not need you to constantly bathe them or take them walking, nor do they constantly keep on barking all night to wake up your neighbors and create arguments. So with all that said, then see These Top Ten Things You Must Do  To Love Cats More:

1. Keep your toilet lid down
If you know and love cats, then you already know that they are extremely curious by nature, and just love to explore any and all areas of your home. So your toilet is a very serious hazard for them, as they will want to look inside the bowl, and because of the water, they will see their reflection and try to distort it. And before you know it, they will fall in, and depending on their size and the amount of water in the toilet bowl, then they may drown as they are struggling to climb out, because their paws are wet and keep on sliding back in. 

2. Never feed them chicken bones
Your cats are very small animals, and the passage in their throat is also quite small. So giving them chicken bones may be way  too big for them to crush and then swallow, since they are used to catching mouses, rats and little birds with very tiny bones to eat and swallow. So don't let accidents cause you to lose the only little beings that keep your life filled with happenings and curiosity events.

3. Be sure to watch their weight
Love Cats, then you must recognize that whether it is you or your pets, if there is an overweight issue, then joints are out of line, then arthritis will kick in, then heart disease issues will start to occur, then blood pressure symptoms will start to show. And so it is for your lovable cats when they are overweight, and their health starts to go bad. So watch their weight

4. Keep them away from candles
Any source of fire is bad for the cats that you love, since you already know that they are very curious at everything. So do your best not to have any open flames unattended, like the candles that you light to improve your moods, or to keep you out of the dark. So don't let them burn themselves.

5. Respond when they meow
Animals communicate with you by sound and touch. And since you have fallen from grace, then you have long ago lost your gift of telepathy. So each time your cats make “ A Meow “ sound, they are trying to say hello, or trying to say I Love You, or trying to tell you that something is wrong. So acknowledge that sound they make, and try your best to ascertain what message they are trying to convey.

6. If they’re old help them get down
Just like when you get old and your bones don't work as well like they used to, then so it is with your cats when they get hold. So as you observe them trying to go up or down on the stairs, or from anything else, then don't allow them to jump. Just help them, and they will be quite grateful to you.

7. Give them a flea treatment
You know that all pets at some point will get fleas, and especially with the heavy fur that they have on their body, then the fleas have a great home to hide in. So help your love cats to evict those squatters.

8. Clean out their ears
Cats love to keep themselves clean using their paws, but in reaching inside their ears to clean will always be impossible. And you have Q-tips that you can use for your ears because your fingers are too fat to get to your ear drums, and so it is for your cats. Please Help Them Out.

9. Don’t let them play in plastic bags
Just like your human babies, you know that cats will suffocate if they get caught inside a plastic bag. So always be mindful of items that you leave around for them to play with and be curious about.

10. If they hate fans turn the fan off
There are certain types of noises that animals are very sensitive to, like dogs hate when the grass is being cut and a Weed-Eater is being used, or a Blower , or even a vacuum is being used on the carpet. And some cats just can't stand the sound of a fan, or the rotating shadow that the fan creates with the lights underneath it maybe quite annoying. So again, show your humanity and be mindful of the little things that irritate your cats. Just like you have a bunch of little things that will irritate the living daylight out of you, and may even stress you out enough to cause you to be sick,, then so are your cats.

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