Love And Happiness, A Love Poem

 A Love Poem About Love And Happiness..

Love And Happiness are the ways that we define our unique love by my dearest sweetheart, for there is nothing greater in all the three worlds that is more powerful or enjoyable than these.

Love and happiness are the virtues that we have established to live by in our little romantic family, for life.

Love and happiness, are what you have dedicated your life to fill me with, no matter what, no matter when, how and why. And I am a god because of your perfect love my Heaven.

Love and happiness are beyond time, beyond fighting, beyond hurt, beyond sexual pleasures, and beyond an "I Love You" feeling.

My love is defined by your happiness Baby, my happiness is wrapped up within your deep love for me that may never change. And so we are for-ever....

Love and happiness, are why I ran after you with all my energy the very first day we met, for I quickly knew that You were the best thing to ever happen to me, and to ever walk into my life.

Love and happiness are You and Me Baby, yes they are who we are in every touch we share, in every thought that you send my way, in every gift of romance I donate to you, in every act of kindness and submission we perform toward one another.

Love and happiness are the perfect ingredients for our supreme enlightenment. Yes they are truly the greatest hidden treasures to be pursued, then locate in all the universes. And now You and I are the owners of them my perfect love.

Love and happiness are not imaginary, they are as real as You and I, they are as passionate as the vigor of our love, and they are as immense as the love we have for one another that stretches to infinity and beyond... Oh Love And Happiness, who would we be, My Love and I, without you both? James Dazouloute

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 Love And Happiness A Love Poem

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