Kim Stole The Show From Kanye At Bonnaroo

 Kim stole the show from Kanye at Bonnaroo gig.

When it comes to K-n-K, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, there seems to be no end to just how much the Public loves to hear and read about them. But you have to ask: Which of the two is more famous and lets out more drama? Because all anyone of them has to do is post a picture, steps out in public, or attend a meeting, and the Paparazzi will be all over them, afterward the public is all over that news. Or Kanye N Kim takes a picture together, or Kanye or Kim takes a picture alone and posts it on Instagram, and here we go again, it's all big news. And to settle the argument as to which one of the couple is the most popular, here is a News Story as Kim stole the show from Kanye's Bonnarro Gig in Tennesee.
kim kardashian boobs-bonaroo-instagram-01
It was reported by TMZ that Kanye was headlining at Bonnaroo, but it was his wife Kim Kardashian who stole the show with a great pic. of herself showing her super attractive Breasts in a see-through top and a somewhat see-through bra, accompanied by a great white pair of pants to accentuate her upper body. All the while Kanye West was on stage doing the gig and ranting about how he wants to be so great, how he wants to become an Icon, he wants to become immortal like Shakespeare and other great figures in history. So Kanye may have been the Headliner that night, but it was his wife who stole the show completely by also posting this great pic. on Instagram. And now onto you, Who do you think is the most famous of the two, and who is a bigger headliner?


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Kim Kardashian stole the show from kanye

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