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Jobs... Why Do You Need Them? And you have to ask that my friend because you are now living in the age of the Internet, where you can sit at home and make money. And Google Blogger gives you that luxury to have a job Blogging, and then you will add Google Adsense, also many other advertisers will approach you and beg you to take their money so they can place an Ad on your Blog, once you get some decent traffic coming in of course. But for you that will be no problem, because you have no shyness about telling people about your business/job.  And then you will make all the money in the world with Google Blogger, because they gave you a Blog / Website that you can run as you wish and put all the coding you want, and you can have as many different Advertisers you want, as well as many Affiliate Programs you want to make plenty of money. 

So again I ask You: Jobs...Why Do You Need Them? Because it seems as though all the Schools all over the world are all geared toward one message only: Go To School... Then Get A Good Job. And all the commercials about schooling, are always about getting good jobs as well, but you have to ask yourself: Why Do You Need Jobs So Badly? And the first answer to that would have to be that you need Jobs in order to earn a living, and then to be able to buy things that you need so you could live. Also you have to ask yourself: What other things can Jobs do for You?

But you can have a job with Google Blogger where you work for yourself and are getting paid every single month large sums. And having a job is important because everybody has one, your boss has one, the business owner you work for has one, and that is to run their business or manage you. Another thing Jobs can do for you, is to give you Social Status. Since the more the job is paying, then the higher the status you are given by your peers, by the people in your community and even by the strangers who come looking for Jobs. 

Additionally, Jobs bring you Comfort. In the sense that they open doors for you to make money in exchange for the job that you do, or for the services that you perform. And so Jobs can give you the latest of luxurious things made by Men, also they give you the ability to accumulate all things that will make your life easier.

Another reason you need Jobs, is that when you have good paying ones, they will give you Status and Respect. And those 2 things may not mean much to you right now, but later on as you accumulate more Promotion through your Jobs, then People will start to call you Sir or Mam. The Opposite Sex will begin to see you as being Very Sexy, since Power is a turn-on, power to pay people, power to give the people beneath you promotions, power to hire and fire others, power to make others homeless or give them a home. And so with this great kind of power, you can see how Status and Respect are now coming your way, for even The Politicians will be looking for Favors from you, because they all want your monetary contributions, and others want to Play Golf with you, and even others will want to make love to you.

So Jobs, why do you need them? Because you have to survive in this Greedy World where everyone is fighting hard in all kinds of ways for their share of Resources. But I have to Ask You To Think For A Second: If everyone is out there looking, hunting and fighting for Jobs; then who is left to actually create those Jobs? Because all the Schools, even Yale - Princeton - Columbia, all want to train you for a Career. But Who Is Training You, And Instilling In Your Mind To Be An Entrepreneur, A Business Starter, A Job Creator?

After all, you do not want to become Just Another Rat in the rat race of looking for Jobs, in trying to Get Hired, then hopefully get A Promotion, and even later on trying to become The Boss who will always have A Boss. No My Friend, You want to be a Pioneer, You want to become the first Job Creator in your community, You want to be the one who makes others dreams come true, You want to be the business owner with no boss, and You want to be A Teacher of Business Skill to all others. So Jobs Why Do You Need Them? You Don't, Because You Are A Born Creator Of Them All. James Dazouloute


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 How to get a job with Google..

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