I Love Cats... A Love Poem

 Love Poem about Cats...

I Love Cats, because you are the best specie of animals in the world. And I also love you Cats, because you are always making me curious just like you, wondering what will you get into next. And so I write a love poem for you, Wonderful Cats. And whether you are the big kind or the tiny version, you are still my favorite. Whether you are the rambunctious kind or the sleepy and lazy cat, I still love you just the same. Yes I love cats for being so unique and so perfect.

And I fall in love more and more with all you cats, since you are as independent as I am, since you live in your own little world, since you only get excited about the things that you are interested in. And if you were humans, you would be the Pioneer in many areas of life, since you do not walk or jump to the beat of no one except your own.

Yes, you are my cats, yes you are my friends, my guardians, and even my animal spirit guide. For you are constantly sharing the wisdom of life with me, you are constantly teaching me about how to walk gently but silently. You are always teaching me how to hunt, how to stalk the prey, and how to pounce on what I want and make fair game of it.

So I love cats, and I show it by placing them in my lap and brushing them daily. I love cats, so I demonstrate this love by stooping down and pour fresh water, the giver of life, into their tiny little bowl. I love cats, so I give to them a couple of yarn balls to play with, I give a carpeted stairs so they could clean their claws, I also give up my furniture just so they can make themselves at home and sleep wherever they want. 
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And I even love cats so much that I turn down the Television when they are sleeping, as a sign of respect and consideration. Also I share this poem about cats with anyone who has an ear to hear and an eye to read. As well, I show my great love for my cats by making sure I spend time with them and take them with me everywhere I go as I pet them, just like Dr. Evil.

Oh You Cats, who are the Guardians of the Underworld.. Oh Wonderful Cats who protect the Pharaohs during their journey to the other side... How can anyone not love you all, how can any being not appreciate your quietness, and your love of rest and relaxation.?

But as for me and my house, I declare that I Love Cats to the fullest by holding them like I would hold a Newborn Baby. Yes I love cats so much that when I am buying food, their grocery list is the one that is filled first, and their treats are of the utmost importance. And when it's time for a medical check-up, I never miss a beat, for my wonderful cats are my best friends, and if they were even sick for just one hour, then I would be totally lost... I Love You Great Cats... Friends Of The Humans, But Especially Friends Of James Dazouloute


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 Love poem about cats..

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