How To Help Others... Like Bill Gates.

 How to help others like Bill Gates through Philanthropy..

You Will Only Need This One Thing Dear Business Owner. Because deep down inside you already know that it is your Passion to help the needy just like Bill Gates has, to protect the innocent, to deliver the trapped, to render help to the helpless, to feed the hungry, to give all that you have. And so there is a great need for you by all Human Beings, and you must deliver your greatness to the world, you have to be the great Philanthropist who you are known to be by God. But just what exactly is the best way for you to help others who are so needy of you? Because you don't want to be ineffective, since if you are one of my regular Readers, you already know a Great Cause Of Failure, is doing too many things in an inefficient manner... and not doing enough things in efficient manner.

So, For How To Help Others: Have Specific Desires In Your Business And With Your Money.
And what I mean by that is, You must not have General Desires about helping others who are doing so bad in life, but Be Specific About What You Want To Do As A Philanthropist just like you have read in the news that Bill Gates has done. In other words don't just get involved in any and every cause, you must find Your Niche, you must understand and know just which Area Of Suffering You Were Built For. Because not everything is for everybody, and just because Cancer is a big issue right now, since it comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. But you just running in every marathon for the big cause, or you giving money to every Cancer charity (Which to this day, there is no cure for even one type of Cancer, and so where do all the Trillions of dollars Go?), or you buying a pink Cancer ribbon everyday of your life... is not the effective way for How To Help Others.

And so for You the Great Philanthropist and Business Owner, you must find your niche, you must be specific in your desires to help others, and as you can see Bill Gates has found his niche. So you have to find out if the Homeless in your community is where your heart is to help them fully. Or if the Single Parents who are in your Church, are the ones who need your help the most, mentoring their kids. Or if it is the children in your ancestral home country, who needs you to build them a school or help them find a new fresh water source. So as you can see, you need to be very specific about what you need to do, about exactly how to get involved, about how to be the most Effective Giver of your time, of your money, of your gifts, of your knowledge and wisdom as a Philanthropist... Because the world just can not afford to be without You. Your Philanthropic Advocate,  James Dazouloute

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 How to help others like Bill Gates through Phillanthropy..

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