How To Have Peace While Living Your Life.

 How to Live a Peaceful life and be happy..

How To Have Peace While Living Your Life? And how do you get to enjoy each and every little moment that you are experiencing each day? Those 2 questions are interrelated Beloved, and if you can answer one then you will have the other. Because You must live this life no matter what since you have no other choice, and even if you were to try to take away your own life, that would only happen if the Powers That Be from above would allow it, for many have tried to blow their brains out and still end up living. And that is because you are a big part of the grand scheme of things, and each little thing that you think, do and say, will all have a big impact for many generations to come, and your part must be played, and the Higher Powers will not allow you to mess up their master plan. So you might as well focus on this life and live it to the best of your abilities and to your enjoyment.

And so for the best way to have Peace while living your life, you must never, ever allow yourself to become emotional about anything. And I know that for you this may be an oxymoron since all Human beings are emotional junkies, and must have something to be excited about, something to drive them forward, and something to give them purpose, just to get up out of bed everyday. And whether that reason is being in love, or having kids, or having a job where are others are dependent upon them, or having a God who demands actions... All have to have something bigger than them to live.

But as for You, I tell you not to get emotional about anything, but to only have a sense of ethical duty about all things in your life. Because if you are a very emotional person, you will never have peace in your life. Since if things are going your way, you are going to be on such a high that you will make decisions only in that moment and when things change for the worst, you will be stuck with duties that must still be performed. Also if things are at their worst for you right now, you can not allow yourself to get emotional over them, because you will not have peace in your life. Since you are too busy worrying, too busy thinking poor little me and why do these things have to happen to me, and way too busy being depressed and anxious.

So what you have to do is remain Non-Emotional about any and everything in your life. And you must get to that place where you fully understand and truly believe, that all things are happening according to plans, just like when Spring - Summer - Fall and Winter come. For everything is a Season that you are in, and in some you will be reaping all good stuff, in others you will be experiencing different complex things, and while in others you will be dealing with consequences of past actions. 

And on top of that, how many times have you thought that a particular situation was the worst thing that could have happened to you, and you got all emotional about it and did some stupid things, only later to realize when the course has been fully revealed to you, that this thing was the best thing for the next chapter of your life, and vice-verse. 

So How To Have Peace While Living Your Life? And how do you get to enjoy each and every little moment that you are experiencing each day? Just remain neutral, and see all things that come your way, as a good or bad challenge, as an experience to be had, and as something that you must take some kind of actions toward. And Just Deal With It, but remove your emotions out of it. Just like Killers do, just like Secret Agents do, just like Undercover Officers do, and just like your God orders you to do. Also Remember To Laugh At All Times, Laugh At Yourself, Laugh At Things That Happen To You And Laugh At Life, All Because Laughter Is The Best Medicine For Your Peace Of Mine... Your Life Advocate,  James Dazouloute

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