How To Figure Out Life And Be Empowered.

First of all dear friend, when you hear the question of: What is life?. Or  What is the meaning of life?.  You usually stop and ponder for a great while trying to answer that great question either for yourself, or for someone whom you're trying to help figure out their life. Also you usually will try to get as deep as you can about Philosophy, or if it is an Expert who you're listening to, he or she will also try to answer by sounding as educated as possible. But I mus tell you, if you want to figure out life all you have to do is look at yourself.

And why you ask?. My friend life was created by God, or the  Great Spirit, or by whatever name and format your culture refers to Him / Her as. And life was made to be simple and yet complex: For it could be simple if you are enlightened, or life could be complex in you are unlearned. Because you see, life was created out of pure love and pure passion by God. And if you want to figure out life then you must figure out the legacy of your life, and what is that?.

The legacy of your life, is something that you create out of pure love and pure passion, from the inside of you. Because you were created in the image of your Creator, and so whatever was in Him / Her is also inside you. Just like when you have children, they are made in your image and whatever is in you it, is also in them. And so if you are diabetic, then they inherit that in their genes. And so you have inherited a love for life and a passion to live life, all to produce an avenue where you contribute something to life by loving yourself and all others, and you end up helping yourself and the rest of humanity. 

So in a short answer, on How To  Figure Out Life By Figuring Out Your Legacy. Then it is this: Life is the legacy that you build in loving yourself, and in helping and loving all others. And to explain this, each one of us has a particular gift or a particular disposition in a particular area of life. As well, this is why you were allowed to be born in this physical dimension, so that you could contribute that gift that is so badly needed to the world. To break it down: Take a look at a super – expensive well made vehicle and then go and drive it. You see my friend, inside this car are thousands of parts that make up this car. And each part is extremely vital in contributing their gift or specialized service to the whole of the car; and that is what makes that vehicle such a: Luxurious – Super Fast – Perfectly - In -Tune Machine. 

 And now look at the world for the rotating globe that it is, and as of today there are 8 billion humans living on it. And To  Figure Out Life By Figuring Out Your Legacy, you must realize that each person just like you who make up the 8 billions, has a special purpose -  a special gift – a special passion for something. And that something is vitally needed to make the world works perfectly, just like that well made vehicle. And so your legacy is that one thing that you love the most in life, that you are the most passionate about in life, such as: Music, Painting, Children, Healing, Repairing, Invention, Pioneering, Speaking, Fashion, Police, Writing, Teaching, Fitness, Wellness, Philosophy, Biology, Anthropology, etc... And so you see, all these gifts are needed from each individual so life could work.

 Because if you don't do what you love, then somebody else who needs that gift in their life from you; will never figure out life, as well will never figure out their legacy because that person is missing that one great piece, just like that expensive well - made vehicle needs all its parts to be complete and perfect. So please start today, on focusing on what you were built for, what part do you play in that big puzzle of life, and what legacy will you create in life just by living life by doing what you love. Which is what you came here to do. Because inside the engine of that great vehicle, remember all the pistons, valves, camshafts, have to be doing what they were built for and live their gift. And so must you, get It?. Your Empowerment Coach, James Dazouloute

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