How To Feed The Hungry - Here Is How.

 How to feed the Hungry right now...

Feed The Hungry... Here Is How You Can Do That Right Now. Because the Needs are many, but the Workers, the Providers, the Helpers, the Compassionate, the Philanthropists are drizzling through. And so You are needed so badly, and the little bit that You have to offer right now, is what will save a life, is what will keep a child from going hungry today, and have their body finally cave in with diseases from malnutrition. And on top of that, God will not send down Manna today, like He did for The Israelites, because we are no longer in the barren desert, we are in the fertile lands where there are many great fruit trees, much wheat, a lot of meat and vegetables to go around and feed all the Hungry of the world. But the great problem is The Hoarding by the few as well as the waste by them, that are taking away all the extra foods to Feed The Hungry.

But You can't worry about them so much right now, because they have grown extremely powerful by the blessings of God, and as soon as God can spare them, He will remove them out of power, and place others who will share with one and all. But for right now, they are serving their purpose in one form or another to serve God and the Devil. But as for You Fellow Philanthropist, You can be of Great Help right now, without having to worry about the Fat Cats. Besides the less they are willing to share and give, the greater an opportunity for You to receive glory and be fully magnified in God's Eyes by doing what so many refused to do. Because you already know that on the Island of the Blind, the one eyed man is king.. or in the land of the extremely selfish, the penny giver is king and the greatest. And that is You Beloved.

Because to be a Great Philanthropist does not require Billions of dollars, because the Ones with the Billions keep wanting more Billions, and say that they are not rich enough, and as soon as they have something to spare they will. And you and I both know that this is a Fallacy, since if they couldn't spare a dollar when they had 1000, then they won't spare 100 when they a have a Billion. Also You know that Wealth Is Relative, and so you are wealthy right now, right where you're at. And this is why you must give something away to Feed The Hungry, also because a dollar can buy Bread, it can buy a used pair of shoes in many countries, it can buy some medicines in other parts of the world, and your one dollar can even buy seeds to create a big harvest in many countries. And if you allow your One Dollar to be put together with my One Dollar and others, by an Organization, then We can feed a whole Country. 

And then Guess what? For each person who gets to eat off of all that, You will get the credit by God. And The Universe, who seems silent to you now, will become indebted to You, and even though you may never meet that Hungry person, and he or she may never know that their meal came from You, God and His Universe along with Your Guardian Angel, are All Keeping Track... kind of like a Pyramid System when you used to do Multi - Level - Marketing, for every person you brought in as one leg, and that leg grew to 10,000 people... They were all counted by the Company as yours and credited to You. But after the first one, you never met the other 9,999... But it was your seed put into that One that touched them. 

And so it is when You Feed The Hungry Beloved, because then that one Hungry Person can go and perform works, and help others and even Countries... just from your One Dollar. And God and His Universe are keeping track for You and will have to pay You with Great Dividend, through unexpected favors, unexpected blessings, unexpected new opportunities... and then do not forget The Crown that is waiting for You when you are done Here. So Feed The Hungry Today... With The Little You Have... Especially If That Little Is A Sacrifice For You.. Because That Is When You Will Move God's Heart... Just Remember The Widow Who Gave A Few Pennies... Your Philanthropic Advocate, Dr. James Dazouloute

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 How to Feed The Hungry Right Now..

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