How To Always Be Empowered In Life.

How Do You Make It Beloved? How do you deal with this seemingly harsh life? And how do you hold it altogether without going insane? Because as you look around you, there is nothing but struggles, nothing but disappointments daily and nothing but bad things that keep on coming your way. And I know that you are trying your best, I know that at times it is just you in this physical world, and I also know that you just don't have all the strength every day to make everything work. But I tell you in all truths Beloved, starting today I give you this motto to live by to always be Empowered in life: Either I Will Find A Way, Or I Will Make One.

Yes my Friend, with this type of mindset you are becoming invincible just by the fact that you have just repeated this motto and are starting to believe in it fully. Because there is something powerful in saying to yourself that you will either find a way today, or you will just have to become a pioneer and make up a new way that will be successful for you. And as a matter of fact, you have already been living by this motto, you have already mastered this powerful technique if you will just think back. Remember that time you had no money and looked around your kitchen and all you had were some lemons, some crackers, some water, some cheap noodles and a little bit leftover meat? You decided that you were either going to find a way or you were going to make one up to eat a full meal. And so your grabbed your pot, lighted up the stove and you threw in the noodles, water, spices and the left over meats and boiled them to a soup. Then you took the lemons, squeezed them and made some lemonade with a little bit of sugar. And then you sat down with the meaty soup, the crackers and the lemonade and had a nice full meal with your little family. And you made sure to give thanks to God for having provided this great meal for you. And you didn't have to call your supposed friends and tell them your situation, nor did you have to go knock on the neighbor's doors and ask for some food, because you had already said to yourself: Either I Will Find A Way To Eat Today, Or I Will Make Up One.

And so my Friend, this is how you are always Empowered in life. This is how you stop playing Victim, and take charge to make things happen for you. Because you don't live with the false mindset that you are entitled, or that you deserve this or that, or that you are too good for this or that. Because you of all people already know that the more you complaint to God, the less He will open His universe to you. Especially since there are much Holier folks than you living in other countries, and they have gotten it worst than you. Since they don't have a stove, they don't have electricity, they don't have noodles on standby, they don't have sugar stored up in their shack, they don't have a lemon field and they are only living on $2 a day. But they don't have anyone offering them a job to even pay them those $2. And so remembering that, you always find a way or you make one up, because you are not privileged but you are an Empowered Individual living a Glorious Life... Your Empowerment Coach, James Dazouloute

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