How Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Got Empowered By Philanthropy

 How Martin Luther King Jr Empowered You...

Since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has given up his life in the pursuit of Bettering The Lives Of Humanity, and on top of that, he knew his death was coming, he saw the end of the road of his Philanthropic and Charitable life, and he even foresaw the intersection or crossroads where Human Civil Rights would begin to take a turn for the better. And so with all this, then you have to ask Why did he give so much?

Well Fellow Philanthropist, that is because Dr. King understood what True Philanthropy is. And True Philanthropy is not so much about pulling out your check book and just hand out money, for even the great person earning a minimum wage salary pulls out his or her wallet and give the homeless person 50 cents just to get a soda. But that does not change or better that homeless person's life for years to come. And if Money was the definition of Philanthropy only, then Hunger would be eradicated already. NO Friend, True Philanthropy is about caring personally about the person next to you, and then the person who is the farthest away from you, since the two are one in the same and forever interconnected within the Community Of Souls. Also you have to feel and live what your brother is going through, and want to get involved to better that person's life, and to even solve that problem together with that brother that seems impossible to him at the time.

And so,What Is Philanthropy.... And Why Did Martin Luther King Jr Did So Much Of It? Now you are beginning to understand why Dr. King did so much of it, you are now beginning to understand that as an Ordained Minister of God to His people, he took over for Moses, he took over for Elijah and all the other Prophets from where they left off, into elevating Mankind to God's True Kingdom and True Purpose Of Life. Which is to allow all Men and Women the chance to live as God's Children who are all Heir to God's Eternally Vast Kingdom in the Heavens and The Earth, with all the rights, the dignity, and the fair and equal distribution of wealth and resources that God has promised to each one of His children..

Also Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. engaged so much in Philanthropy, because he finally understood that was what The Universe and God's Kingdom was all about. Since God is The True Philanthropist, and this is why He Created All Beings and all things. For He wanted to first Give them Life as a gift, then He wanted to improve all Life to live perfectly happy, perfectly blessed, and perfectly protected. But when Sin and Man's Rebellion kicked in, they messed up God's plan to still continue as The True Eternal Philanthropist. And then He kept trying to improve the lives of Mankind, and when He saw that we kept on rejecting all He had to offer through our Stupidity and Ignorance, then He came down from Heaven to deal with and walk with us One On One, to suffer with us One on One, and to Save us as The Greatest Philanthropist by giving up His Godly Life for us.

And so What Is Philanthropy.... And Why Did Martin Luther King Jr Did So Much Of It? Because he also understood what God was doing, and as one of the true Begotten Son of God through The New Everlasting Blood Covenant established through The First Only Begotten Son (Jesus The Christ), Dr. King stepped up to copy what His Father God, His Big Brother God and His Holy Spirit God were all doing. Which Is Being Philanthropists every single second of the day, and dedicating all their time to improving the lives of all life in The Entire Universe. And so now You Must Join Us, The True Philanthropist of this world and of God's Kingdom, by STARTING ONE ON ONE WITH A BROTHER OR SISTER WHO IS HURTING NEAR YOU.  James Dazouloute

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 How Martin Luther King Jr Empowered You..

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