How 12 Businesses Got Their Name So You Could Get Yours.

 How 12 Businesses Got Their Name..

What's In A Name? Well, think about Gandhi, Dr. King, Hitler, Alexander... And then tell me what those names make you think about. Now also think about Google, Nike, Starbucks, Dominos... Also share with me what comes to mind for each of those names, what brand of product they sell, what type of business they represent, what they are mostly known for... And you will see that whether an Individual or a Business, their name is key to their success. And even on a Spiritual level, you already know that each person's name means something about their birth, their destiny, their purpose, their mission and their life. Now you must also partake this into your business, since you were made in the image of God, and are in fact a little god, and so whatever you create takes a life of its own, it also becomes a living entity. Don't believe me, think about your car that you have had for years, how many times it wouldn't start and you talked to it and it started. Also the last time you lent that car to a friend, and when it came back to you it didn't ride the same way ever again. All because the energy of that car connected with yours and it was bound to serve you, and once you assigned a new master to it, it became tainted. So again, each thing that is created is given energy for it to function, and so it becomes a living entity. And why do you think the Courts have establishes long ago that Corporations are entities? Well I have convinced you enough about that, now back to the matter at hand, what's in a business name? 
Your business name is what you will be known for forever, even after you go bankrupt, or after you die, or after you have become the richest person on the planet. Also your business name will tell people who you are, what you are about, what you represent, what you manufacture, what services you offer and what you intend to sell. So you must pick a business name that represents all of that. For example one of my business name is, and that tells the world that I represent Love, that I am giving love away freely, and that I offer the services regarding all love issues, also that love is for anyone and everyone with my help. So as you can see, the name that you pick even for your business website must also represent all of those things, because NOTHING You do is ever a separate part of you, but always an extension of who you are and  a part of your personality (Now try to explain that to the people who are cussing, getting drunk, doing bad drugs.. and then they say "That's not me, that's not who I am). And this is why today I am sharing with You 12 businesses who got their name through some funny circumstances, so that you can get some ideas how to best to get your own successful business name. Your Certified Business Coach, James Dazouloute

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