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Sharks will always scare you, no matter what you read and know about them. Because the moment that you step foot in that ocean water, you are now in shark's territory. And there is not that much you can do to fight off a shark, except get out of  its way. Because if a shark grabs your leg because you are swimming and those legs are doing funny movements that the shark interprets as a large salmon or trout, it will try to pull you down under the water, and that happens because it wants the leg, but since your leg is attached to the rest of your body and it is trying to take off with it, then you are going to get pulled under. But can you hold your breath for a minute, 5 minutes and even 10 minutes while the shark is diving deep in the ocean? And remember it is also taking bites at your leg trying to feed, so all the while you are losing great amounts of blood and will be losing consciousness soon, while your lungs are filling up quick. So are you starting to get the picture of why you should avoid sharks at all costs and just learn about them from this Site or on the National Geography Channel? And to begin with the process of knowing about Sharks, here are some Fun Facts About Sharks:

Research has shown that Sharks very rarely get cancer, so Scientists have been studying Sharks cartilages hoping that one day they can find what make them practically immune to Cancer, and hopefully find a cure for us Humans. 

Sharks are some ferocious eaters, so naturally even when a shark is a newborn, problems are about to occur. Because the first pup to actually hatch inside the Sand Tiger Shark Mother's womb, right away starts to devour all its siblings at a ferocious pace, until only two of them are left, one on each side of the womb. Other wise one would devour the other until there would only be one left. And God only knows if the pup shark would not even turn on its own mother's stomach and start to devour her from the inside out. BUT, as an irony, when it's time to give birth, the Mother Shark, by an act of God, loses her appetite, then that way she won't be forced to devour her own young out of deep hunger. WOW!

Scientists still don't know why, but so far the stats have shown that nearly 90% of shark attacks have happened to Men. I bet this is a fun fact about Sharks you wanted to know! And maybe it is because Men tend to be more risk takers, but are also stronger physically and can swim out farther into the ocean and into shark territory, even though sharks do come very close to the beach. 

Did you know that Sharks do not have a single bone in their bodies? So that's why when it grabs you or snatch you under the water, it can maneuver itself in all kinds of ways to devour you.

Did you also know that the Swell Shark actually barks just like your dog? So the next time you are out in the ocean and you hear barking deep in the middle of the water, do not be fooled and think that there is a poor dog stranded and you must save it. No my friend, just run or swim away as fast as you can. 

And another fun fact about Sharks is, you must not get too comfortable inside any water you find yourself in, because the Bull Shark is the only shark that can live in both fresh and salt water. 

Humans can run somewhat fast, and a Gazelle of course can run like a missile. But did you know that the Mako and Blue Sharks can swim up to 60 miles per hour? Now you drive your car and you go about 60 miles per hour while extending your hand outside to enjoy the breeze, do you remember how fast it felt you were going?

So there you have it my friend, some fun facts about Sharks, now share your story, experience and knowledge about Sharks also in a Comment, So We All Could Learn..

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