Celebrity Divorce News: Melanie Griffith And Antonio Banderas

Breaking up is hard to do! And if you've heard this once then you've heard this a thousand times. So in Celebrities News Today: Melanie Griffith Covers Up Tattoo of estranged husband Antonio Banderas while attending the red carpet at the Taormina Film Festival. And they tell you  that breaking up is hard to do, because you go through all kinds of emotions during a break up of a relationship or a marriage, since you have invested so much of yourself, so much of your energy, so much of your property, so much of your trust and so much of your heart.  And now that it is over (Officially or Unofficially), you find yourself acting out in many strange ways and your emotions are at a loss, because you are sad but happy, you are crushed but fiery, you are crying but you want to fight.... So it is when you are breaking up, and so it is for Actress Melanie Griffith who covers up "Antonio" Tattoo on her right shoulder with some make up, while leaving the Heart that the name was encircled in still exposed. It looks kind of funny!

And as I already stated above, when you are going through a break up, your emotions are all over the place, even though you put up a good front by using your friends as a crush and acting as if you are completely moving on with your life, but deep down inside half of your energy has been ripped away from you. And so it is for Melanie Griffith as she had taken off her wedding ring for the festival, which she has been wearing for 18 years. And since she has now filed for divorce from Antonio Banderas earlier this month, she appeared to be enjoying herself  with her friend Eva Longoria, as most people try to do who are going through a break up of a very long relationship. And according to TMZ, the couple will have an amicable break up or divorce, and they will be deciding on how to divide their properties along with their 2 dogs. But in Life, things happen, things break and things are torn apart. Some can be fixed while other things just have to be replaced, and so it is with all relationships. 


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WATCH VIDEO: Ciarra Singing With Nicki Minaj: I'm Out... (To help Melanie Cope with her now separation and soon to be divorced (Maybe) from husband of 18 years, Antonio Banderas)


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