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When it comes to being empowered and living the greatest life that was meant for you, it all have to do with You knowing what you want out of your existence, out of your time, out of the moments you live, out of the situations you experience, what you want out of your destiny, of your purpose, out of your family, friends and most definitely what you want from yourself. 

Yes Beloved, to be empowered, you must know what these are about in your life and what you want out of them the most. Because Life is a Teacher that has all the time in the world and in the universe, so it will keep teaching you things about yourself and the world around you whether you want it to or not, since you have no say in the matter but only God did when He Created you. And the sad thing is that if you don't want to learn Life's Lessons today or tomorrow, then Life will just keep on creating the same type of situations, same scenarios, same troubles and send them your way, to see if you have learned anything and are ready to make a new move, ready to react to differently, ready to take over a situation in a positive way

And you see this all the time with abused women for example, sadly it seems as though they keep on attracting the same type of abusive males everywhere they go, and you wonder why and how does that keep on happening. Or someone who constantly keeps having a problem with being overweight, and no matter how many times they diet and lose the weight, it all seem to come right back every time like Oprah. Or you see someone who just can't seem to hold down a job, and no matter what new job they start, it always seems to end the same way badly. So ask yourself without judging: What is it that Life keeps teaching this great person about themselves that they refuse to accept no matter what, and each time keep on taking the same route that ends in disaster? 

Because for you to live Your Best Life, enjoy your Best Moments, have the Best In Life, experience all The Best Situations... You Must First Understand YOU.... Yes Beloved, you must first understand who you are, how you were made, what Stars you were born under, how the Planets lined up on the day you came in this 3rd. physical dimension Earth, and you must understand what your temperament is, what your body reacts to positively and negatively, what your heart desires the most and hates the most, And Of Course You Must Know What You Are Very Weak At and what You Are Very Strong At. Because once you know these basic things about yourself (And believe me no Counselor, no Therapist, no Psychologist, no Doctor, no Scientist... Can ever know you better than you know yourself, since you have been living with yourself for all these years) and You Accept Them For What They Are, then you will be living your best life.

So the answer to the Best Way To Live Your Life Is... Know yourself by understanding how You work, and accept what is in front of you as either good or bad for you, as either strong for you or a weakness for you, or a positive addition or negative addition in your life. Because once you know you, and accept what you are about in each area and then want all the better things for yourself, then you will begin to live the best life you have always wanted and start to accomplish all that you ever desire in love, in money, in romance, in health, in greatness, in charity, in spirituality, in life in general. Then NO Situations Will Ever Make You Become A Victim, Ever Again... Just like that great guy in this picture. Your Empowerment Advocate, James Dazouloute


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  1. Anonymous3:09 AM

    This is really the best way to live.. thanks..

  2. Anonymous3:10 AM

    We all have to live the best life we can... Annette

  3. Anonymous3:11 AM

    this is great and the pictures are lovely. Jason


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