Best Foods From Around The World You'll Love.

 Best foods from around the world you must try...

Food is the one item you must have in your life, around you and in your body. Because your body was designed to have food, it was made to rely on it, and it must consume it in order to survive. And really, you are supposed to eat just enough food for you to be able to live, but sadly enough most people live their life only to eat, so they make it their mission, their job, their life to eat as much food as possible. So which one are You? Which kind of eater are you? And how do you view food? I ask all that because food can easily becomes your worst enemy if you get too close to it and want more of it, because then you will become obese, then you will face many types of cardiovascular diseases, then your arteries will clog up, then your happiness will suffer, then your energy level will go way down and so on and so on. And at the same time, if you maintain a friendly relationship with Food, you will find out that it can be the best friend you can have in your life. Because it will fill you up at the right time, food will awaken your taste buds and allow you to enjoy a great moment just by consuming it. Also there are great people who have made it their mission to find the greatest combinations of foods, and they want you to experience every type of food combination available on the planet and cook it in ways for you to enjoy it. And so far Mother Earth has been doing her part in giving us plenty of foods no matter the season, and all we are supposed to say is Thank You and protect her from waste and pollution so she can continue to be a good Mother. But have you tried all types of foods, or are you one of those who only wants to eat what your parents have conditioned you to? Because there are millions of types of foods available out there for you to try, for you to enjoy, for you to be fond of. And you must to take the time to enjoy the little things in life, because that is what counts the most, and food gives you a chance to enjoy a peaceful and joyful moment. So with all that said, Here Are Some Of The Best Foods From Around The World You'll Love:


  • Asado
  •  Foods from Argentina
    Cuts of meat cooked on a grill (parrilla) or open fire.
  • Empanada
  •  Food from Argentina
    Pastry usually stuffed primarily of beef (cubed or ground depending on the region), perhaps spiced with cumin and paprika, and filled with onion, green olive, boiled egg, and even raisins.
  • Milanesa

  • meat slice dipped into beaten eggs, seasoned with salt, and other condiments.
  • Dulce de leche

  •  Dulce de leche from Argentina..
    A milk based syrup prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a product similar in taste to caramel.


  • Lavash

  •  Lavash from Armenia
    A soft, thin flatbread made with flour, water, and salt.


  • Meat pie

  • A savoury pie that covers a filling of meat and other savoury ingredients.

  • Fish and chips

  • Deep-fried fish in batter or breadcrumbs with deep-fried potatoes.

  • Vegemite on toast

  • A dark brown, savoury food paste made from yeast extract, used mainly as a spread on sandwiches, toast and cracker biscuits.

  • Pavlova

  • A meringue dessert that is crispy on the outside but light and fluffy inside.


  • Sachertorte

  • A chocolate cake consisting of two layers of dense, not overly sweet chocolate cake with a thin layer of apricot jam in the middle and dark chocolate icing with shreds of chocolate on the top and sides.

  • Wiener schnitzel

  • Consists of a thin slice of veal coated in breadcrumbs and fried.

  • Apfelstrudel

  • Consists of an oblong strudel pastry jacket with a filling of chopped apples, sugar, cinnamon, raisins and bread crumbs.


  • Machboos

  • Made up of meat or fish served with rice.
  • Muhammar

  • Sweet rice served with dates or sugar.


  • Biryani

  • Made from a mixture of spices, basmati rice, meat, vegetables and yogurt.


  • Cou-Cou and Flying fish

  • Consists mainly of corn meal and ochro with fried or steamed flying fish.


  • Pommes frites

  • Pieces of potato that have been cut into batons and deep-fried.
  • Moules bruxelles

  • Cooked mussels with french fries.


  • Ema datsi

  • Made from homemade cheese and hot peppers.


  • Feijoada

  • A stew of beans with various beef and pork products.
  • Rice and beans

  • Consists of white rice accompanied by brown, red or black, dry beans seasoned in various ways.
  • Churrasco

  • Contains a variety of meats which may be cooked on a purpose-built ‘churrasqueira’, a grill or barbecue, often with supports for spits or skewers.
  • Brigadeiro

  • A simple Brazilian chocolate fudge candy created in the 1920s and its shape is reminiscent of that of some varieties of chocolate truffles.


  • Amok trey

  • It is fish coated in a thick coconut milk with curry.


  • Back Bacon

  • Traditionally prepared from brined, center cut boneless pork loin sold as peameal bacon in central parts of Canada. Although it was originally rolled in ground dried yellow peas, it is now almost exclusively rolled in more readily available cornmeal.
  • Beaver Tails

  • Fried dough pastries which are individually hand stretched to resemble a beaver’s tail.

  • Butter Tarts

  • Butter tarts are unique to Canada and consist of flaky pastry shells that are filled with a sweet mixture of butter, brown sugar and eggs.

  • Kraft Dinner

  • A pasta dish of macaroni and cheese that is produced by the Kraft company.
  • Montreal Smoked Meat

  • Has been popular in Montreal since the nineteenth century, and has taken such strong root in that city that many Montrealers, and even many non-Montrealers, identify it as emblematic of the city’s cuisine.

  • Nanaimo Bars

  • A type of chocolate no-bake square that consists of a wafer crumb-based layer, topped by a layer of light custard or vanilla butter icing, which is covered in chocolate made from melted chocolate squares.


    A dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curds, covered with brown gravy and sometimes additional ingredients.
  • Saskatoon Berry Pie

  • Pies made with saskatoon berries, a kind of shrub native to western Canada.

  • Steak

  • A slice from a larger piece of meat, typically beef, or fish.
  • Timbits

  • The brand name of bite-sized doughnut balls sold at the Canadian Tim Hortons restaurant chain.
  • Tourtiere

  • A meat pie originating from Quebec, usually made with ground pork and/or veal, or beef.


  • Sea bass

  •  Sea bass from Chile.
    Sea bass with a creamy white sauce topped with a variety of side dishes.
  • Palta (Avocado)

  • Used as a puree in chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs, and in slices for celery or lettuce salads. The Chilean version of caesar salad contains large slices of mature avocado.


  • Mantou

  •  Mantou from China..
    A kind of steamed bun originating from China.
  • Bing

  • A type of Chinese flatbread.
  • Wheat noodles

  • The dough for noodles made from wheat flour is typically made from wheat flour, salt, and water, with the addition of eggs or lye depending on the desired texture and taste of the noodles.
  • Peking duck

  •  Peking duck..
    The dish is prized for the thin, crispy skin with authentic versions of the dish serving mostly the skin and little meat, sliced in front of the diners by the cook.


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 Best foods from around the world you must try..

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