Be A Star In All You Do.

 How to be a Star in all you do...

A Star is always brightly illuminated, hung above all else and give light to others. Also a Star is always looked up to for guidance and for meaning. And that is why you have to become one and make your mark by taking your place in the eternal realm of greatness, where so many have wanted to walk and make a home for themselves, but so very few have had the privilege. 

Now I know that it is all hard work, but the rewards are forever great. And anything worth having is worth working for, and since you are a patient individual, then you can certainly begin establishing your goals, begin to work on your plans and strategies, and then proceed to plant your flag in life, and make her respect and elevate you. 

But before you can get to such great place, you must become the fearsome animal that you are capable of being, you must have the attitude of taking no for an answer, of not having any real friends except for the ones who are willing to join you on your life journey and enjoy every experience with you. And then you must go on to begin your hard work on achieving your dream of being a leader of many, a guide to many, a blessing to all around you, a great catalyst for all who need to draw their strength from you, and an irreplaceable being of light that delivers the light of enlightenment to the great masses who are lost and in darkness.

Also, when it comes to being a Star, you must not be like these want to be Stars that you see on TV, because they are all fake and superficial, nor do they have any real clues as to what a Star ought to be and should really be. And you see them all the time, calling themselves: Movie Stars, Rock Stars, Superstars... And yet they are not making any difference in the world, but love to claim that great title, but as soon as their flaws and wickedness are put on display, then they are quick to tell you: Oh, I am only human, so please don't judge me as I am doing the best I can. Is that really what a Star ought to be from the description above?

Of course you don't think so, but you have been conditioned to call every idiot with a single ounce of talent a Star. No Beloved, once again: A Star is always brightly illuminated, hung above all else and give light to others. Also a Star is always looked up to for guidance and for meaning. So please, don't fall for the trick, but focus on what you have to do to become a true Star. Because so many are counting on you for help, the great masses are slowly decaying and only you can revitalize them, and make your mark in this generation. And don't forget, the world needs you, your business needs to given life by you, your very family is starving for the wisdom that only you can provide, even your nation needs for you to lead and take it to the highest level of greatness possible. 

So starting now, begin to remember who you are, a Star in the making, who can not be deterred from reaching your destiny, nor will you be discouraged by unexpected events to shine. And everyday you have to renew a covenant with yourself, you have to mark it on your hands, write it on your heart, make a mental note of it, and go to great length to become a Star. Your Star Maker, James Dazouloute

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 How To Be A Star In All You Do..

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