7 Fun Easy Tips For Weight Loss

 7 easy tips to lose weight by laughing...

Really Beloved what is good health?.  Well my friend, good health is to live free of sickness and disease in your mind and body for as long as your journey here on earth is assigned for.  Because you have been allocated a certain amount of time to accomplish some great things in this physical dimension, that will echo all throughout eternity. And you do not have time to get sick, unless it was ordained by God as part of your mission here to bring awareness, and then glory back to God. 

Good health is to also have a sound mind and a great body that will allow you to perform all the tasks that you heart desires. And good health is what we all should strive for, in the ways that we think and meditate on. For good health begins in the brain, because this is where perception of things take place. Also the brain has the power to heal all cells of the body, by sending out all the right commands for repairs and restoration to take place. And so today I will share with you 7 easy tips of what you can do for your brain and body so that they both could help you in your journey.

First easy tip is to drink water.
And I do mean drink plenty of good water. Whatever the purest water you can find, do drink it. Because you were born of water and it also known as the giver and cleanser of life. Yes you must drink water to flush out all the toxins from your body, to cleanse your kidneys, to get the vitamins and oxygen you need. Just like you need  to wash your exterior body everyday or bacterias and worms and germs will multiply and overpower you, so you need water to wash your insides even more so. You can even eat all the best foods and take all the best vitamins in the world, or even do the best exercises. But without drinking water, you will die within 7 days.

Second tip to good health is to eat fruits and vegetables.
When the world first started all humans were vegetarians, and they all ate fruits, grains and vegetables. And they lived to be as old as 900 years, and yet nowadays because of chemicals that we use in everything, along with microwave radiation, we are happy to live just to reach the age of 75, not even 10% of what we are supposed to live. So please eat fruits, grains and vegetables to fight cancer  of all  types and to give you super strong cells to fight all forms of diseases.

Third easy tips for healthy living is to sleep.
Yes my friend, sleep as much as you can and every chance you get. Remember when you were a baby, how did you grow?. You slept for about 18 hours of the day and when you were up you were drinking milk, and got changed. And then you went right back to sleep. And you can ask all the athlete bodybuilders, and they will all tell you that they train – eat – and then sleeps. When you sleep, you are repairing your muscle fibers and your brain can concentrate all it's efforts on giving instructions to your cells to go to work to re-energize you.

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Fourth easy tip is to eat baked foods, not fried.
Fried foods gather all the grease and hold them in, and when you eat them they attach themselves to your ribs and do not digest. Have you ever put fat in your refrigerator?. And you see it becomes solid and get stuck to that pan. Well it does the same thing inside your body and to your arteries. So stay away from all that fatty skin in your meats, bake your meat and steam your vegetables and eat fresh fruits. And then drink plenty of water and afterward in a short while, then go to sleep.

Fifth tip of good health is to laugh as much as you can.
You have heard that laughter is the best medicine. And believe me as well as others, this is so very true, because when you are angry or stressed  then your blood pressure goes up among many things. Your brain shuts down and your body goes into fighting mode, because you are so tensed and all your muscles are bulging. So your brain can not go into repairing mode, and your body is using all its cells to stay alert. But when you are laughing, you are relaxed and your body is not in fighting mode. You are taking in more oxygen and your brain is telling your body what to do. When you are laughing, your  heart is pumping more blood and your chakras or energy centers are all opened. So laugh more.

Sixth tip for healthy living is to stop smoking and drinking liquor.
Smoke prevents oxygen from getting to your brain, you would not walk inside a house that is burning and full of smokes. Yet you put your lungs, your brain and your cells through this burning fire and smoke constantly, and you expect your body to live through that. But you could not stay in this burning and smoked house for even 2 minutes. And liquor kills brain cells, and believe me you only have so many and they will die out. How do you think cancer get started within your body?. Enough said.

Seventh tip for good health and healthy living is to do stretching exercise.
You see my friend, you have 7 major chakras or energy centers within your body, and if one or all is blocked then you will not function right. Even your brain will be negative and feisty, and you will attract all bad things in your life. So stretching all your major body parts while breathing in an out will greatly increase blood flow, and open up your chakras. You have so many body parts and so many veins that blood must pass through, and why do you think if you sit down for a while the wrong way one of your body parts will go numb. You are blocking the highway of your body, where blood constantly flows from your toes to your brain and back again. So do stretch exercises and  breathe in deeply in and out, and open up all your chakras and you will see that your body is energized and your brain is full of positive thoughts.

So you see, good health is not some imaginary height that you can not attain. Or some myth that is written in books, no it is right at your finger tip if would just drink plenty of good water, eat your fruits and vegetables, sleep as much as you can, eat baked foods not fried, laugh as much as you can, stop smoking and drinking liquor and of course do your stretching exercises as well as deep breathing. That is all there is to it. Your Certified Health Coach, James Dazouloute


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