7 Best Ways To Be A Celebrity Bodyguard

 7 Best Ways To become a Celebrity Bodyguard..

Bodyguard, is a word that brings to your mind a huge guy standing behind a Rocker or a movie Superstar, with sun glasses and looking as mean as possible. And while that is true in some cases, the modern bodyguard is usually of a little more than average size who is very professional, a thinker, and can get in and out of any tight situation while protecting his or her client at all costs. Since the entire objective is the protection of the life of the Asset ( Person being guarded. ) So a bodyguard is more than just a male and female having huge muscles, and while the presence of this giant individual will do great good in instilling fear in the heart of potential aggressors who will want to touch, physically assault or batter the Asset in any way, shape or form, this is usually not the best or greatest type of bodyguard. For the professional type of bodyguard has ways of doing his or her job, that will set them apart from the rest, as well as provide the best vital body protection for their Asset. So today I intend to share with you the 7 best ways on how to be a Celebrity bodyguard, or Politician bodyguard, or even the recent Lottery Winner's bodyguard:

First way to be the best bodyguard: Be Super Professional.
Meaning you are being paid a lot of money, up to $150.00 per hour, to guard the body and the reputation of that Asset. So learn to do your job well, by learning to keep your eyes open at all times, and your mouth shut as well. Because this is not about you, this job is about you being ready to do whatever it takes to protect that person. So you need to watch, listen and smell, but definitely do very little talking. So do that and look out for your client in all aspects of harm, embarrassment and even stupidities.

Second way to be a bodyguard: Be A Shadow.
Again this job is not about you and you getting recognized. So you must be Ninja-like in your movements or non-movements, you must be in the background but at the forefront. Meaning, you are not seen, but quick to appear to take actions, and then retreat in the background. Don't draw attention to yourself, don't wear flashy clothes or jewelry, and definitely no overpowering cologne or perfume. Just be confident, be sharp, and trust no one.

Third way to be known as the best bodyguard: Protect Your Principal or Asset At All Costs.
Your body is not your own when you are a bodyguard, you are there to protect the life of that other person at all times. So always look-out for potential troubles for your client, and so if they are being spotted by unscrupulous individuals, then you take action swiftly. If they are getting overly drunk and are starting to break many laws, your job is to protect them from harming themselves as well. If they are engaging in buying illegal concoctions or happy pills, you do your best to shield them with direct contact. And of course, you look out for the Assassins, you watch-out for the trouble-makers, you protect them from the money-hungry sexual suitors. So you do for your Asset everything you can to save their life, not just from murder, but also from legal troubles, from embarrassment.

Fourth way on how to be a Celebrity bodyguard: Examine Yourself At All Times.
When you are body-guarding an Asset or a Principal, you are representing them and you must even be more presentable than they are. So watch how you eat and don't be a slob, watch how you smile and don't chew gum. Don't abandon your Asset because you need a drink, don't talk to the other bodyguards about your escapades, don't engage in conversation with other potential clients, and don't let your mind wander for that is when your Asset will be attacked, or paint thrown of their fur coat, or they are spit upon, and you will not even see it coming.

Fifth way on how to bodyguard: Be A Planner When Client Is Sleeping.
When nighttime comes and your Asset has other security personnel to guard the house or hotel, and he or she is sleeping. This is the time, to take an hour or two to gather your thoughts and review your plans. Also take the time to communicate with your upper-management if you are working for a Bodyguard Company. This is also the time to watch the news and look for any new developments, review the routes that you will take the next day, and check on the vehicles that will be driven by your team if possible. Plan a secondary route in your mind, review some of your training that will pertain to that Asset's needs and situations.

Sixth way on how to be a Celebrity Bodyguard: Be Attentive To Principal.
A lot of times your Asset or Principal will confide in you, will talk to you about their problems, and may look for fresh ideas. So be there for them if they are crying, if they are suicidal, if they have drug-issues and if they feel desperate. Because you have to understand that you are the person who is willing to take a bullet for them if need be, and even give-up your life to protect them, and so they look to you as The Help and also a Savior. Also you must make them feel that they are in your very capable hands, and that you know what you are doing, and you can think on your feet. Because life is not always about killing, but about protecting the weak and even the unaware. Additionally, you must be ethical, you must be positive at all times, no matter how hopeless a situation may look, you must show your excitement to do your job well.

Seventh way to be the best bodyguard: Be Memorable.
I have seen this too many times, when a bodyguard picks-up an account and he or she does such a poor or even an okay job, that the Asset will not care to use them again, ever. Because that bodyguard was nonchalant, passive and even unprofessional in their behavior and dressing. But not you, because from the time you meet your Principal, you are already going the extra mile. You are already throwing in little freebies, like using your contacts to set up a great security system in their vehicles or their houses to protect them long after you're gone. Or you help them, only when sought after, with a little advice about a personal situation, because believe it or not they are still human, and no matter how rich they are they still face a lot of the same issues as you do. So represent yourself, and represent your company if you work for one, in the best ways that you could, and even go to the extra-mile. Even if you have to take a small loss financially, and you will see that you are not only remembered but even recommended to others.

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So now that you have all this knowledge about the Bodyguard, now it is your turn to go protect the lives of others. Leave me a comment and tell me of your experience or dream  on being a bodyguard.  

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 7 Best ways to become a Celebrity Bodyguard..

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