7 Amazing Things These Animals Can Do.

 7 Amazing things these funny Animals can do..

Animals are beings just like us but with very different purpose than us. And if you only spend your time looking at them as just "The dumb animals", then you will definitely lose out on learning truth, on understanding their wisdom, on seeing their perfect connection with Mother Nature, on seeing their pure and true worship to God, and on loving their perfect way of life. And on top of that, you never want to end up like the kind of person who only love those who do things just like you do, who only think the same way you think, and who are only the same skin color as you are. Because if you are all of those ways, then you will truly miss out on the whole of the Universe, on the true form of God, on the big picture of how each and every being and specie actually make up part of the whole. And then you will never grow as a person, you will never be healed, you will never be all that you were meant to be. And don't forget that the animals have been around longer than we have, as they go from age to age, timeline to timeline and from annihilation to annihilation. So this is why you have to take the time to understand the Animals, and the amazing things they do like: Giving up their body so you may eat, giving up their life during experiments so new vaccines can be found for you, giving up their needs so you could be entertained as a Master and they as a Pet. Also you have to appreciate the way they structure their family, the way they do not go against nature like we do, the way they can give birth in a dignified way without needing a Doctor and a few Nurses, the way they only get what they need and not have Greed ruin them, the way they do not have wars just out of pride and ego etc... Your Animal Advocate, James Dazouloute







7 Amazing Things These Funny Animals Can Do...

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 7 Amazing things these funny Animals Can Do..

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