30 Animal Rescues That Will Make You Cry.

 30 Great Animal Rescues You Must See..

Animal Rescues happen every day whether you have the chance to learn about them or not, and when you think about it, it is quite a big deal since those great beings were also created by God like you did, and the Breath Of Life has been placed inside them just as it has been placed in you. But then again all that you see around you, rocks, plants, trees, water, animals, earth, air, fire, grass, flowers.... All have their own special energy and frequency they operate on, and all are conscious beings with their own lives to live. So just because you are not tuned into their frequency and are able to speak their language, does not mean that they are not living beings like you are and deserve a chance to be saved. And you see life energy and consciousness more in your pets since you give them the most of your time and attention, also since they do their very best to communicate with you, to share love with you, to help you, to protect you, to teach you, to guide you, to bless you... then you are more likely to agree that they are living beings who deserve life, compared to rocks, to grass, to flowers, to the earth, to the water...  But either way you feel right now about it all, or wherever the universe has you placed in understanding right now, you still can not deny that Animals need rescuing, they need love, they need care, they need food, they need water, especially the domesticated ones that we have taken away from their natural instinct to hunt, to be free, to roam, to connect with nature and to just be themselves. Also this is why you may get so mad at your dog if it trashes your apartment and is tired of being alone, or if it pees at the corner wall marking its territory, or it refuses to leave you alone since it was created to be a pack animal, and you have denied it all these by confining it to a cage or to a small place. But it's okay, because you mean well and you just want to love this great animal and have it as your companion when you are not at work. And I know deep down inside you really love animal, and you recognize that each person has a particular level of commitment, a particular level of passion, of protection, of understanding, of compassion for Animals. So it is of no surprise then that you will see some people do more than others when it comes to Rescuing Animals, when it comes to feeding them, taking them in, helping them, fighting for them, loving them, leaving their inheritance to them etc.... So it is within that frame of mind that today I am sharing with you 30 Animal Rescues That Will Make You Cry, because there are other human beings who are at a high level of love and understanding for the animals, as well are willing to sacrifice everything from them. 

Love Animals Every Chance You Get, Because They Love You Unconditionally All The Time.

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 30 Great Animal Rescues You have to SEE..

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