3 Ways Laughter Is The Best Medicine

 3 ways to make yourself laugh..

Laughter Is The Best Medicine, is what you have heard from the time you were a child, and now that you are an adult, that statement has not changed by one iota. And you still do not understand why it works, you just know that it does and so you run after it all the time. Because all you know is that you just love to laugh, and you can't get enough of it. But why is laughter the best medicine and what does it do for you? Also can you go out and buy laughter, can you create your own, and can you borrow it from a friend when you are sad and your health has betrayed you? 

 3 ways to make yourself laugh..

Well laughter is the best medicine, because when you laugh you are at your happiest and all your problems are forgotten just for that very moment, and you already know that Stress is the source for a countless number of diseases. Then as you do it, your brain have a chance to stop processing all the negative thoughts and emotions that you are sending it's way, and it can give the cells the perfect commands to start the repairing process in healing your body, and even that very own mind of yours. Also when you are laughing, you are opening up your heart to enjoy life, you are opening up your major Chakras or energy centers, by using or contracting and opening all major muscle groups, and you are infecting all those around you with your great happiness.

And so the first thing for you to use to acquire laughter: Get Around Funny People.
Funny people are your front seat ticket to healing your body and your mind. And funny people are part of the Universal Consciousness who are forever connected to you, and their funny acts will spread over your entire aura and energy centers. So get friends who are a little goofy, get some who are funny and invite those who always see something funny in most situations. And you don't have to neglect the serious people in your life, for they too have their place and purpose, but keep the funny people at the forefront. Also when I say funny people, little animals like cats can be part of the funny people in your life, who are always doing silly things to make you laugh.

 3 Ways to make yourself laugh..

Second way to have laughter: Get Some Comedy Videos. 
If you can't find people to be around you to help make you laugh so your brain and cells can have a chance to heal your body, then you must  get some comedy videos for those times. Yes, you already know the kind of comedy that you love, you already know the Artist that tickles your fancy and has a DVD out, so go ahead and get that, and that way you will have the best jokes around always for when you need them.

Third way that laughter is the best medicine and for you to have it: Laugh At Your Life.
I can't tell you how many things go wrong in your life that you are so mad at, yet you can't do anything about them. But if you were to look at them with the right views, then you would find them to be quite funny. For in everything there is something to be learned, there is a blessing within, and there is something hilarious about it. You have got to open-up your heart and emotions in a positive way, and then you will start to laugh and repair your body, and even that seemingly bad situation. I mean, take a look at the little animals in your life, and see how peaceful they are no matter what happens, even when they are hurt. But soon as they see you, look how happy and playful they are, and so you too must learn from them and be happy for each little thing that happen in your life. So that way you can laugh, you can play, and you can feel great. All because Laughter Is The Best Medicine.  James Dazouloute


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 6 pictures to make you laugh..

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