21 Companies That Picked The Business Name You Wanted.

 21 business names to inspire yours.

A business name is you, as you are your business. And nothing else will help you to attract more business than your business name, because as people see it they will automatically and instantly form an opinion about you. And just think the last time you drove past a store like "Lightbulbs R Us'' ''Toys R Us'" for example, and instantly that sign told you every single thing you needed to know about that business without ever going in, without talking to the board of directors, without calling the better business bureau. All because of the name of that business that stood out, the name that explained what they do, what they are all about, what they sell, what they have... And you just love that, because you hate guessing games. Now think about your business name, what does it instantly say about you, about what you want, about what you promote, about what you have to offer. Because that is vital to you being in business and staying in business. And even Online, your business name must represent the same things, just like this site "Startbizfree.com", it tells you that it is about starting a biz, running a biz and do it all for free with information, with ideas, with pictures, with how to videos, with encouragement and with coaching. So again, what does your business name say about you? And this is why today I am sharing with you 21 companies that picked the business name you wanted, and now you can use that to get your motor running and get the best business name that will be easily recognizable and tell everybody instantly just what you are all about. Your Certified Business Coach, James Dazouloute


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