18 Super Funny Notes From Theft Victims

 18 Funny Notes From Theft Victims To Thieves...

When something has been stolen from you, it feels like a part of you has been ripped out from you. Because that thing did become part of your D.N.A. since all things and beings are energy. So your energy was mixed in with that thing's energy and it became yours. And you see and feel this whenever you have a great outfit and you let someone borrow it, but when they return it, it never feels the same when you wear it. Or you let someone borrow your car that only you have driven for the past 5 years, and once they return it, the car never quite runs the same. Or you are deeply in love with someone, and you have been making love for years, completely mixing up your sexual, sentimental, physical and spiritual energy, along with mixing into one all your bodily fluids, but now that person has stolen from you and have given the love that is yours to another by cheating on you, and because of that the twin energy between the both of you that was one, has now been polluted with a third, so now your relationship will never be the same, your love will never be like it was, because you have been violated, and something great and perfect has been taken from you. And so you feel such deep pain, deep loss and despair after a thief has stolen what is yours, all because Spiritually your energy level was blended with that thing's energy and you two became as one, but now you don't know what to do or say... So this is why you feel a great loss when something of yours have been stolen from you, and that causes you to get mad, to get irritated, to get frustrated, to get crazy even. And so this is why you do everything you can to get your stuff back, you'll put up a reward, you'll enlist the help of friends, you'll beg strangers to help you and you'll ask your neighbors if they've seen anything. And then there are these people that I am about to share with you, because they have suffered greatly due to their loss, and they are so tired of playing victims, they are sick of being taken advantage of, they are mad with fury over having been disrespected and violated, and so they take actions. So Here Are 18 Super Funny Notes From Theft Victims...  For you to laugh at, but also feel their pain since we are all interconnected. 



















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 18 Super Funny Notes From Theft Victims..

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